The Heart

I've spent much of today doing exactly this: holding my heart in ALL of her feelings that have been rolling through me the past 36 hours.

Saturday night/ Sunday morning I was awake for hours in the dark, fear and anxiety coursing through my body.

I had no idea at the time what was happening in the world, in Orlando, in our country. I only thought I was experiencing a breakdown-to-breakthrough...

In fact I didn't know until late yesterday what happened, when I was rocked again by dreams of violence after watching the news.

I struggled with what to say while wanting to run far away.

Stories of- not my place.

Of- who am I to speak of such tragedies and events.

Of feeling lucky. And blessed. And truly grateful for every breath of life.

But as I've been holding my heart in her unraveling & coming back together, what's become clear is just how important EACH of our voices is when things like this happen.

How powerful our Truth can be.

How one voice adds up to many, and how change can happen when we ALL come out of hiding.

Hiding from others.

Hiding from Truth.

Hiding from ourselves.

Our world needs courage right now on a scale that maybe we've never seen before.

Courage to move towards the Light.

Courage to stand in the Light.

Courage to BE the Light.

And that courage comes from being willing to face our shadows.

Right now some major shadows in our collective are making themselves known, and we have a choice:

Continue to ignore them- sweep them under the rug and pretend they don't exist?

Or face them. Befriend them. Dance with them.

And forge them into Gold in the fires of Transformation.

It takes bravery to be an alchemist, but alchemists we are all being called to be right now.

Your choices matter. Your voice matters. YOU matter.

And that heart of yours- she holds the keys to help you know this deep in your bones.

Sending so much love into the world today & always.

Jennifer Blackstock