The Hidden Secret of Manifestation

Hello Brave Heart,

It seems lately like every other thing I see online or in my communities is about magic and manifestation. I know I’m just as guilty - I love a little magic (ok ok, a lot) and I certainly love to manifest. And truth be told, this is the one question I get asked the most after every newsletter I send and in private messages- What's my secret?

Thing is- the secret isn't some magic spell or wave of the wand to get from Point A to Point B. And even if we think Point B is the destination we're dreaming of- a metaphorical castle in the sky if you will- that doesn't mean that all our problems will be solved or questions will be answered once we get there. In fact once we get there, there are new sights and destinations that then come into view, and the adventure continues.

Life is a journey, and the more we realize that nothing will- or ever can- save us, the more we actually can open up to the grace and miracles available in every moment.

I had a discussion with a dear friend last week about how harmful much of the claims out there that manifestation is as "easy" and "effortless". You know what I’m talking about: "do these 3 things and you’ll be a millionaire" or "clear this one block and you’ll have everything you've ever dreamed of."

It's the new form of spiritual bypass and I’m here to say: that’s all bullshit.

Yes, I said it. Bullshit. Not the full story. Only a piece of the puzzle.

Once we’re "in the flow," it often does feel like magic. But, there is a piece I’ve noticed that no one is talking about: the clearing out and inner work that needs to happen to be able to get there.

And hidden within that, the bone-deep commitment that comes with setting your sights on those things you most wish to create and manifest in your life.

And that Commitment- it's the inner work. The odyssey within. 

The piece that turns out, after all, to be alchemy.

As many of you who have been with me for a while know, the past few years have been what appears to be swift changes and expansions that may look like they happen with the snap of my fingers- a move to San Diego, another move into a dream home, getting engaged to an incredible man, expanding my business to include equine coaching, and more... it's exactly these things which are the subject of many of the email I receive asking me for my 'secrets'.

All of the above were seemingly aggressive intentions - especially taking into account things like my past credit history {read more about that here}, previous roadblocks, relationship karma and other obstacles.

In all honesty, from the outside it looked like the "odds" were stacked against me- every. single. time.

But yet with each circumstance, the end 'result' was magic - absolutely 100% pure magic.

But none have ever happened overnight. 

The truth is, the amount of inner work it took to get here- and that I continue to do on a daily basis- can't even be quantified. Instead it comes from a relentless pursuit and deep commitment to my goals, my dreams and my visions.

It's not to say I spend hours a day in meditation or working endless hours in my business- in fact I don't. Instead, it's setting crystal clear intentions and committing to the daily practices, tough conversations, showing up even when I don't want to, and fully surrendering to the fire of transformation with each step I take.

For each new step on my journey, I didn't just dream it up and make it happen that fast. In fact, for most it was years of getting clear and then taking the steps- sometimes painfully small and slow ones- to  get there. And with each step, committing further to the process of the hidden secret of manifestation: Alchemy.


What might some of this alchemical inner work look like?

Healing very ancient wounds - some going back lifetimes.

Clearing my money blocks.

Deep excavations of past hurts and a hell of a lot of forgiveness.

Late nights wrangling with the goddess of liberation Kali and being subjected to her dagger of truth, clearing and liberation.

Early mornings chanting to Lakshmi to remind myself of the beauty of abundance.

Days, weeks, and months celebrating. Even when the last thing I wanted to do was celebrate or even smile under the blanket of fog- literal and metaphorical.

Diving deep into my calling and fully accepting the charge I have been given here on this earth to do this work with integrity and grace.

And, hiring an amazing mentors to work through each transition.

I had worked through my hidden resistance and a lot of fear that had been standing between me and each step I took.

And each time I walk clients through these steps themselves, I witness deep levels of understand that we all deserve to live the life we want - for no other reason than simply being a human and alive (and you’d be surprised that this piece alone was perhaps the hardest of them all).

I saw, once and for all, just how much my story, my past, and my personality was really just the metaphorical metal waiting to transform into gold and emerge. And when I finally took action to allow it to come forth, it was EASY, it was EFFORTLESS - insomuch as I had already done all of the "other" work involved to get me to that place of truly being READY.

Then it happened so fast it felt like a blink of an eye, a waving of the wand, a snap of the fingers. Like magic.

One of the key pieces in all of this was having a solid framework of practices and tools to help me every step of the way. Nothing says you are truly ready like a daily commitment to yourself and your dreams.

And so for the first time in almost 3 years, I'm bringing back my FREE Celebrating Abundance: A 40 Day Practice.

This original practice is simple:

A core practice for you to customize for yourself every day, plus simple (yet profound) daily prompts to take you deeper into the alchemical process needed to manifest your truest visions and desires.

The practice begins Monday, June 20th.

It's free. It’s time. You’re ready. Simply sign up- it's FREE- below and the celebrations begin on 6/20!


Courageously Loving & Unbridled,

Jennifer Blackstock