The Morning After

Hello Love,

Wow- I can't believe it's already been a month since I last wrote here! These past few weeks have flown by in a blur and it feels like this weekend was the first chance I had to stop, catch my breath and really celebrate all that's transpired.

I talk a lot here about tapping into the fire that is burning inside each of you and allowing it to be fully seen in the world. In many ways, stepping out in the world fully owning my inner artist, writer and teacher a few weeks ago was a deeper version of this process than I've ever experienced. To be fully seen and honored for who I am and what I do... it's something I've been dreaming of and visioning for years.

But yet- what I learned is that even when we hope for it, even when we put in all the long hours, make all the investments, do all of the spiritual work to get there... it can still take us by surprise, bring up old fears and completely overwhelm us in the immensity and beauty of it all.

Many days and nights in the past month I've found myself speechless and unable to even grasp just how much has changed with stepping out in the world in this new way. I've had moments of inspiration and found a safe home on Instagram to share what I was experiencing. So while many days my heart was full of visions finally realized, she also was scared: of what next, of the new responsibility, and ultimately- of letting go of what had previously 'worked' to fully step into the new.

Old shadows reared their ugly heads- stories of not enough, not deserving, no one wanting to work with me ever again, of crossing a line I could never go back. Classic doubts that any hero or heroine faces in the epic tales- showing up in real time as I ventured further along the path of my own Sacred Myth and owning my destiny.

I began to joke with my partner Matt- it's been like a month-long "Morning After" the most epic party of my life- a spiritual hangover of sorts enjoying the fruits of my labors and the long journey to get here, feeling spent from the battle lines I crossed and... slightly mortified at revealing my full dance {even though I have never felt so ALIVE in doing so}.

Which is a natural part of what this journey entails anyway: expansion and contraction, visioning and letting go, dancing all night then needing to bask in the expansive morning light. When we set out to live our Sacred Myth and honor the adventure, we make a soul agreement to face those dragons, find our courage, honor the divine, and embody all of the stages we'll encounter.






But despite the 'spiritual hangover' and slaying some new {old} fears, amazing miracles have taken place- invitations for interviews, speaking engagement offers, travel and opportunities I previously had only dreamed of, a flurry of applications for my new programs, preparing my group program- Alchemy Rising- to be birthed {in just a few days!}.


Jennifer Blackstock