The Most Beautiful Mantra of All

Hello love,

I’m sitting here on a sunny morning in Los Angeles- preparing to enter a 3-day TranceDance Teacher Training immersion in music, the body and dance with one of my teachers Shiva Rea in a few hours. I'm overflowing with love and gratitude for all of the gifts that life has been giving me and my loved ones lately. I’ve been contemplating all that’s transpired in the past 7 months since moving to Southern California, and laughing at the fact that a few months ago, gratitude would definitely not have been my chosen word around some of the difficult areas I faced- especially back in January which I wrote about in On Choosing Embodiment.

The amount of love and support that poured through after I released On Choosing Embodiment filled my cup with love, and it was so amazing for me to know that I have a safe place to come and bear my heart and share my lessons to a tribe that not only supports me, but expresses gratitude in the form of love letters, gifts, emails, shares and so much more when I show up fully in my truth.

So before I go any further- a million ways of saying Thank You are pouring from my heart this morning to each of you. Whether you read every word I write or none, respond to my emails or don’t, share them or save them for some other time- just you simply being here has made a profound difference in my life.


Because each one of you being here encourages me to show up, to do the Work, to walk my talk, and to offer the best that I can in every interaction and offering that I make.

The emails you send saying what I wrote made a difference in your day, life, career- they are my fuel.

The shares of my articles- they feed my heart.

The likes and the comments- they help this sometimes confusing mix of Leo and Introvert show up in her own way.

Those who choose to work with me- you give me hope in our creation of a better world.

Those who choose not to work with me- yet- I know that by continuing to show up as all of me, we may someday meet, and that stokes my fire to keep creating.

Throughout the past 7 months, I feel like I’ve come alive again in a way that I never knew was possible- both through the amazing things that have happened and some really awful things as well. Through this, I’ve been gifted Clarity and Passion in reconnecting with my Why- why I do what I do, who I serve, how I bring this work to all of you, and what my next steps are on this journey. By facing the hard questions and asking- what is really true for me now- I was able to redesign my entire practice and bring to life a program that I’ve been dreaming of creating since 2011 which I will be opening the doors to in just a few short weeks.

And I got super clear that the reason I show up- day after day, week after week, year after year- is not to heal, fix or somehow change anyone.

You are already whole.
You are already complete.
You deserve to live a life pulsing with the aliveness of your being.
You have an Inner Fire that is ready to burn with the Passion that only you can bring.
You have a purpose. You have a vision. You are destined for something in this one wild and precious life, and I want to help you get clear on what that is for you.

And then help you bring all of this into the light. Bring you to life. Bring you into a place of living fully alive- fully Embodied.

This destiny- this Sacred Myth you are living- it is yours and yours alone- no one else can do what you do, no one else can make the choices you need to make, and as I said last time- there is no shame in doing what is right for you. Ever.

You have a choice to live fully- whatever your version of living fully is. It’s that simple. And I’m here to guide you in the fulfillment and embodiment of that choice: by teaching you how to listen to your body, slaying any dragons who try to stop you, helping you connect with your Divine helpers, and mentoring you along the way.

This takes some fire. This takes some grace. This takes some tough questions and facing things that maybe you haven’t wanted to ever face- including what really turns you on and makes you want to fully show up.

This takes the strength to look within, the courage to vision what you want, the willingness to get in your body + love her to help you find your way. And this takes the sweet surrender to your passion and sometimes- most times- little and/or massive leaps of faith to get there.

But it’s worth it- everysingletime. That is the one golden promise I will make.

I show up- time and time again- to help you in realizing all of this and more.

What you are living is your life, your body, your sacred myth.

And my whole reason for doing what I do is to help you live your journey fully- by connecting with your Body, connecting with the Divine, by connecting with your Passion. For you, for your family, for your tribe.

For all of us.

Because you need you. We need you. The world needs you- in whatever way you choose to show up.

In this process myself, I’ve decided that some changes in how I show up are needed.

First up- no more hiding. I’m showing up as all of me, so you can have the permission to show up as all of you. I fully stepped into this with my #Shaktified Instagram event at the end of March. If you missed it, you can find my posts Here or a full collection of the 9 posts HERE.

In the spirit of No More Hiding, I’m asking you to do the same. Email me and tell me who you are, what’s in your heart, what your dreams are. Tag me in a post so I can see you. Apply for a program or go all in with a full Fire & Grace Session. Let me see you + witness you- because I know your fire is ready to burn bright and be seen.

Second- I’m now offering a Fire & Grace Initial Consult for those who wish to experience a session outside of my programs.


I’m offering The Fire & Grace Session at an Introductory Price of $250 for a 2 hour Virtual Session To learn more and book, please click HERE. If after the session you sign up for one of my programs- Soul Fire or Sacred Embodiment- the cost of this session can be applied to your investment.

To book your Fire & Grace Session directly, click here:

All of this would not be possible without you. My love, my gratitude, my heart belongs with each of you and how you have impacted this journey. In the coming weeks, I’ll be revealing fully all of the above changes and so much more.

But in the meantime, I would love to connect with you personally and get you set up if you are ready to start now. Even if you aren’t sure what you need or want to ask about the soon to be released programs I mention above, you can apply for any program today.

Let’s talk and get to know each other. Let’s see what is in your heart, where you are in your journey and how I can best help you.

If there is anything the past 7 months have taught me, it’s that YOU are the reason I am here, and that is quite possibly the greatest gift I have ever been given.

Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.

In Liberation + Celebration,


Jennifer Blackstock