These Hands


These hands...

Several years ago, these hands gave up on me. Swollen and in pain they asked me {screamed at me} to stop doing the work I was doing {and was highly successful at} to take a break, recalibrate and become whole again.

At the time healing- and being a 'healer'- had consumed every bit of me. Working 7 days a week, long hours into the night: Freeing sacrums and softening jaws, releasing migraines and overcoming spiritual crisis after huge expansions.

Eventually, it all became too much. I was so lost in 'service' that I had forgotten about myself.

That's when The Unbridled Life was born- letting go of the reins and fully trusting that yes- I am more than my hands, more than my touch... Much more.

I had no idea what would happen when I let go... Letting my hands relax & open to receive.

Of course- what happened was the rest of me could finally catch up and I could embody other ways to serve beyond what I already knew.

Several months ago, my hands began to burn with the fire of the stars again.

They began to feel pain in the presence of others, began to touch after years of holding back.

And again I stood- not sure what was happening, but trusting they were leading me to my next steps:

Creating this studio.

Holding a retreat.

Closing Alchemy Rising for good.

Welcoming back The Unbridled Life.

And a few more steps yet to be revealed...

Each step not making total sense, but adding up to a whole vision which- now that I see it- is so clear in its perfection that all the pain, trials, random messages and chance encounters make perfect sense.

Something truly breathtaking is forming and I'm fully trusting- yet again- the unfolding.

In the meantime, these hands are ready to work, feel, sense, touch again. And it doesn't need to be in-person, but that's now an option again.

Headaches, jaw pain, weird body issues, stories playing out, soul callings or... Anything that feels like a message from your body begging for your attention.

It's time. I'm back. And it's a whole new view from here.

Jennifer Blackstock