What Expands Must Contract

What expands, must contract.

It's a law of nature. Our lungs do it. Our cells. Our muscles. Every living being in some way experiences this force.

I view it simply as the Breath of Living. Fully. 

When you are on the Quest of Living Fully, it can be very tempting to focus only on the Expansion- the next step and big leaps, the grow grow grow and go go go.

But if we give in to that temptation to only focus on OUT and MORE, we first run into the risk of spontaneous combustion or burnout.

But second, we miss the profound gift of taking a step back. Resting and evaluating, assessing and celebrating.

I see so many women get down on themselves that a certain pattern is 'back' to address or growth somehow stalls. Or 'worse' income drops or jobs are lost or all they want is a weekend OFF.

Thing is- these momentary Contractions {they are momentary, I promise- though how long that moment lasts varies} can be some of the biggest gifts of all.

They give perspective. They invite ease. They remind us just how much we have to celebrate, and grant us the chance to get excited once more for the next Expansion just beyond the horizon.

This weekend I'm diving into an Intentional Contraction. Not because things are bad, not because I'm exhausted, not to stop the flow.

On the contrary- it's to make sure the flow remains. It's to take stock of all the amazing growth of the past few months and get crystal clear on the when, where and how's of my next steps.

Comfy clothes. Nowhere to be except a riding lesson or two. Or not. Favorite movies, yummy food and cuddles of love.

Being in the flow is a choice- we can choose to fight it, choose to get swept up in it, or choose to work with it and embrace it.

I know my choice is the latter. What's yours?

Jennifer Blackstock