What it Means to be Ready to Open


Open  /ˈōpən/

~allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up

I just want to start out this week by thanking all of you who have reached out in support of this beautiful new home that I’ve created for you here on the web. It was truly a labor of love, and I am so happy to see so many of you here and applying for my programs- I couldn’t have imagined a better launch, and I’m grateful for each and every one of you who have joined me as well in the past few weeks.

In many ways, this offering to all of you was my sign that all of the work I have been doing- the inquiry, the spiritual work, the deep dives into my soul of what I wanted to birth into the world- were really just roads along the journey to be Ready to Open to life’s possibilities- to be Open to what the universe has in store for me, and how I can be of service in the world.

I’ve received a lot of inquiries from friends, family and clients asking me some version of the same question- “How did you know you were ready to Open in this way, and how can I do it myself”

This is a loaded question, and while I could go into my version of how I knew I was ready, today I want to share the story of a client and friend who went down just this path to Opening, and what has happened since.

A few months ago, a woman contacted me who lives in Australia and said she had a feeling we were meant to work together. Though everything on the surface in her life was ‘working’ and ‘perfect on paper’, she was experiencing high anxiety, fatigue, jaw pain and other random body pains she just couldn’t ‘figure out’.  She just couldn’t shake this feeling that ‘something’ was off in her life. She had been diagnosed and prescribed various anxiety meds and was encouraged to get a mouth guard to help with her jaw grinding at night- but she knew those things were not the answer.

After she contacted me, we decided to start with a 2 hour session via skype to work through the anxiety and fatigue she was feeling in her life, business, and relationships. Though she was scared to spend the money and was convinced she couldn’t afford it, she knew she had to do something, and made the investment.

In our 2 hour exploration, we uncovered many patterns happening in her life, where they came from and identified the triggers that were causing most of her anxiety. In addition, we had the space and time to dive into a meditation around her jaw pain, and see clearly how this pain was related to some unsaid words and frustrations with her current business partner- who ultimately, she no longer felt aligned with. It was such a range for 2 hours- crying + laughing, a deep meditation + getting grounded in the numbers of her business, going totally esoteric to heal one aspect of her pain + real actionable steps to work with another on the body level.

We explored a lot in this time, and what happened was incredible. Within a week of our session, my client found the courage to do several things she had been scared to death to do, say the things she wanted to say to her husband and business partner- with kindness and integrity- and began to develop a whole new business model that fit the lifestyle she wanted.

It meant changing some things. It meant some really tough conversations. It meant breaking away from her business partner and starting a new venture that lit her up. And it meant ‘going there’ on several topics that she had been avoiding for months, years even.

But most importantly, it meant she was no longer willing to live with the pain and what these things were doing to her body. By taking action and being willing to open up to the deep meaning of it all, much of her pain subsided. Her anxiety decreased, and the pain in her jaw decreased.

She decided to commit to a 3 months of working with me, and after a few sessions- and a few more important conversations with her loved ones- her jaw grinding at night began to subside, and she began to sleep better. Which meant she wasn’t as tired all day, and her work became much more productive. Which decreased anxiety and increased her overall well being. She learned that by speaking her truth more and not internalizing her feelings, she could live a much more fulfilling life.

And you know what she told me recently- as scared as she was to dive into these questions and make the investment when we first spoke, and how unwilling she was to believe anything had to change, she knew she was ‘ready’ for it all. And she had been ready, for quite sometime- she had just been ignoring the signs and living in her fears until we spoke. By opening up conversation with me in that first session, she allowed the forces of healing to begin. And now, she is allowing a further opening by signing up for the Embody program. 4 months ago she could never have contemplated such a thing, and now she’s allowing it all in, fully.

And my favorite part of the definition of ‘open’ above is this: ALLOWING.

Allowing space. Allowing exploration into the parts of you that you’ve done such a great job of avoiding. Allowing a view through an empty space that is just aching to be filled.

To be Ready to Open doesn’t mean you are necessarily Closed. To be Ready to Open simply means allowing yourself to open that first door into what your body, mind or spirit is ready to unveil- and being brave enough to do something about it.

So how do you know you are ready to Open? You will feel it in your bones. You will realize you are seeking answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. You will begin to ask more, feel more, contemplate more what the deeper meaning of your pains, anxieties, and suffering might be.

Or you just might be ready for something in your life to change, even if you have no idea what that is yet or what it could possibly look like.

That is what it means to be Ready to Open.

I still have a few spaces left for you to experience your very own Open 2 Hour Deep Dive Exploration. I have 1 spot left in October and November is beginning to fill up.

Remember- I only offer 10 of these sessions per month, so if your heart is calling for an Opening, be sure to purchase before this next round is all booked.

You may then book your session online via the button below. Please be sure to book soon after purchase to ensure you get your preferred available time.


And a quick note- I have received many applications for the Reveal and Embody programs, as well as several inquiries as to how to experience working with me before applying for a program. The Open Exploration is the perfect way to see how well we work together and discover what magic we can work together before committing to a long term program. It also allows you to bypass the interview process in applying for one of my programs, so if you are unsure of a program, but know you want to work with me somehow, the Open Exploration is a great way to start.

I look forward to assisting in your Opening.

Jennifer Blackstock