When Our Dreams Give Us the Keys to Freedom

When our dreams give us the keys to freedom

In 2012, I began to have a series of nightly dreams + visions in meditation that I was trapped- and had no known way to escape.

As the dreams progressed over months, I began taking the shape of a black horse. Each dream was different, but always the same flavor-

Stuck in a stall, weighed down by excessive leather & chains. Wanting desperately to get out... But not able to see the way.

So nightly in my dreams I thrashed and kicked, reared and screamed, red-eyes bulging & exhausting myself until there was No. More. Fight.

At the time in my life I was running an uber- successful bodywork business in San Francisco but was burning the candle at both ends. Trying SO hard to fully live my purpose and heal EVERYONE...

On paper it was 'perfect'. In my heart- I felt STUCK.

I wanted to serve others, but felt trapped by the way I was doing it.

So nightly I turned into this dark horse, trying every move to find a way- ANY- way out.

After months of searching, I finally had to face the truth that while I loved what I did, HOW I was doing it DID serve everyone well...

Except me.

The day I finally faced that Truth, I had no clue what I would do.

I just knew I couldn't do THAT anymore- Even if it meant closing my business for good.

I was lost, confused, and scared. And really angry seeing no way out. But the fight- was over.

That night, the dreams returned amidst tears. But this time, it was different. Instead of thrashing & fighting, the dark horse/ I simply:

Turned around. And walked right out the stall door that had been OPEN ALL ALONG.

In that moment, the dark horse turned white and ran into an open field full of possibly and freedom. The saddle & bridal still there but instead of being a burden, where instead the agents to steer Change.

That morning when I woke up- The Unbridled Life was born in my heart.

I recently brought back the session that started it all and came from these dreams:

The Open Session

If you are feeling stuck, in pain, lost, confused or need help seeing the Open door to your Truth, these sessions are for you.

The door is always Open, you simply need to turn around & face YOUR TRUTH.

Jennifer Blackstock