When Soft & Peace are your Edge

For as long as I can remember I've identified myself as a Warrior. A force. A courageous Leo lion. A fiery ball of passion & drive- ready to take on the world & my dreams.

Standing my ground, dancing with fire {literally & figuratively} digging deep & healing it all with conviction.

I always wondered though- what happens when The Work actually- you know- finally WORKS.

When the battles are fought {or at least become less frequent}.

When the Body settles into feeling great.

When the Mind slows into a Soft yet vivid daydream.

When the Heart finally feels Peace ❤️

My dear friend & new collaborator @equinoxphoto snapped this photo of me a few weeks ago with her horse & the newest member of The Unbridled Life team- Cigar.

Truth be told- at first I didn't recognize myself.... In the entire album of photos ?

After so much fierce & fire, I had no idea that the Soft Peace I'm feeling deep in my heart these days has translated to the 'outside'.

It has been so slow. So radical. So grounded. So EDGY to not be, ahem, edgy.

When on the healing path, it can be such a fierce devotion to always be IN IT or just OUT of it, or anticipating about to be IN IT again.

But it doesn't have to be that way. And simultaneously- it doesn't need to be all butterflies + rainbows spiritual bypassing either.

It's a balance. And a trust. And a complete surrender to:

Stepping out of the Seeking, and fully into the big bad edgy world of


In the Heart. Of the Heart. As the Heart ❤️

The Spirit of the Horse was the key that unlocked the door, and I'm gearing up to bring that 'edgy' space of Peace to all of you- very soon

Jennifer Blackstock