Why Celebrating Could be Your Secret to Healing

Hello Loves,

Recently, I was being interviewed for the upcoming eCourse Heal My Adrenal Fatigue with Kerry Belviso, an amazing Kinesiologist in Australia. As many of you know by now, this has been something I’ve been working to heal for the past year, and much of 2013 has been my quest to heal myself and offer support to others who are feeling the same.

So when I was being interviewed to speak more about my On Authenticity and Adrenals post from a few months ago, I had the realization that in the midst of all this healing, I had forgotten one key ingredient to really seal the deal on feeling better:


A few days before the interview was my 33rd birthday, and as my birthday tradition goes, I had pizza and a glass of champagne to celebrate. For 6 nights in a row… I certainly had a lot of celebrating to do, and a lot of friends to meet up with. For months I had been taking it easy, relaxing and resting and allowing my adrenals to heal. But with my birthday came the invitations, and I said yes to most of them even though my mind believed I would get burnt out with all the social interaction, nights out, and even a small bit of alcohol- which I normally keep to a minimum.

In the past, back in the days of my 20’s when I was partying hard with the best of them, this would have been any standard week, nothing special at all even though it may have had ‘birthday’ stamped on it. And I would have had an epic fun time of course, but pushed through, not really honoring my life or my body. Exhausted and feeling sick, knowing no other way but getting some really great pictures to prove I was ‘living’. Here’s me 6 years ago, in the midst of my ‘no diagnosis-diagnosis’ year but partying hard nonetheless:


Me on my 27th Birthday. As always, epic fun but no memory except the picture

But, this wasn’t the case this year at all. In the midst of this 6 night string (which looked nothing like those hard partying days, for the record), something magical began to happen. My energy came back, and it came back full force. I fell even more madly, deeply in love with life. I lost 5 pounds even though I was eating a lot of ‘bad’ foods. My skin completely cleared up after months of breaking out. I reconnected with my love, and we’ve realized the steps we need to take to go ‘all in’ in our relationship finally. Birthday gifts were bought for me that exceeded my wildest dreams! Amazing conversations and experiences were had.

And magically, my fatigue disappeared even though I was working all day with a full schedule of clients and going out at night. I realized, quite to my surprise, that some deep, lasting healing was happening in the midst of it all.

Of course my friends, the food, and even the champagne contributed to that, but there was something more happening here beneath the surface… it was the air of pure celebration, of honoring my life and wherever I am in it at the moment…. and my realization that this has been lacking for most of the year, perhaps even most of my life.

How many of you ever stop to really, truly celebrate life? Especially if you aren’t feeling well, life isn’t going your way, or there is no formal ‘occasion’?

So, being a lover of experimenting with unconventional ways to heal, I devised a ‘Celebration Healing Plan’ to see what would happen if I intentionally set out to celebrate life no matter how I was feeling that day. For 1 week, no matter how my day went- great, horrible, busy or relaxing- I would have one glass of champagne with a nice dinner in the evening to toast the universe and celebrate the day for what it was– no matter what. If I had a big win or something amazing happened, great. If it was a shitty day, even better. I would include a friend or loved one whenever possible (even if just over skype). I’m no longer a big drinker, and I knew this would be pushing it, but something told me to give it a try.

I’m going to state it now, that one week was one of the most transformative weeks of my life. Something about creating the space every single night to celebrate, no matter what happened, really opened up a portal to allow more love, healing, and abundance into my life. I gained crystal clarity on my work, who I serve, and how best to serve you all going forward in the future. I lost another 5 pounds. My adrenals finally feel like they are full again, and my energy levels have been through the roof for weeks. Instead of a glass of champagne every night, I’m now devising other ways to celebrate every day in some special way. And it’s been really fun to get creative about it!

In the midst of our culture of do, go, move, succeed, harder, faster, stronger, better- the air of pure enjoyment and celebration of life has been not only lost, but is often stigmatized as partying, or being lazy, or in some circles not being true to your path or your spiritual practices. So many of us have shut it out, or just simply don’t create the time to allow it on a daily basis. Who says you have to wait for your birthday or that big promotion to roll around- celebrate now, before it even happens, as if it has already happened!

A few weeks after my 33rd birthday. My latest photo shoot fell during my week of celebrating experiment, so we added it to the mix for some fun.

This all got me thinking- how can we ALL begin to add an air of celebration to everyday? How can we each begin to celebrate the little things, the big wins, the scary things, and all the places in between? And how could this possibly aid us in healing whatever is happening in our bodies and/or lives, so that we can begin to live life fully?

I’ve come up with a list of 8 Celebration ideas to get you started, some inspired by my amazing sisterhood of friends. You may like all of them, or none of them. These are just ideas to get you started of what may work for you:

1. A Glass of Champagne every night for a week. Get a good bottle and savor every drop as if you are sitting in Paris after receiving the greatest news ever. Relish in the feeling of luxury this creates.

2. Tell the restaurant it’s your birthday, even if it’s not. Enjoy the singing and blessings from those around you and know that every day is your special day.

3. Make your favorite dinner, light some candles, make your favorite tea or open that bottle of wine you’ve been ‘saving for when……’ Invite your lover or best friends to join you, or save it all for yourself. Savor every bite and sip with laughter and love as if ‘When’ is NOW.

4. Book a last minute getaway to the hotel you’ve been eyeing on that island. You know the one I’m talking about. The one you say you will go to when you __________. Treat yourself. Act like that ‘event’ already happened. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

5. Dress up in your favorite outfit and go to ‘your spot’ for dinner. Ask for the window table. Wear heels and lipstick or whatever makes you feel fancy. Turn off the phone. Bring your favorite book. Celebrate.

6. Throw a party for no reason at all. Send a secret invitation for your friends to meet you somewhere, don’t tell them what it is for. Or maybe tell them it’s for whatever they want it to be. Play with it. See what magic ensues.

7. Have a solo dance party in your kitchen while cooking dinner every night for a week. Or include your partner or roommates. Play those songs that ALWAYS get your booty shaking. And play them as loud as you can.

8. Create a ‘retreat day’ for yourself, filled with all the things you love to do to feel nourished and whole. Drink green juice. Do yoga. Meditate. Read a classic. Talk for hours on the phone with your best friend. Take a bath. Luxuriate in the quiet and stillness of celebrating Being.

And most importantly, have FUN with this. Celebration is all about creating the space to cheers the universe for your life and all the blessings in it. Really honor that. It could change your life.

What I really want to know is what YOU can start doing now to celebrate every day. Please share in the comments and let’s get the celebrations started!

Photo: In Her Image Photography www.inherimagephoto.com 2013

Jennifer Blackstock