Why It All Comes Down to This

Hello love,

I’m sitting over here today experiencing the full range of emotions of what it means to be embodied and on this wild adventure we call living. 

No one ever said being an entrepreneur, artist or teacher was easy, and each time I walk further down this path I encounter deeper levels of what it means to be in full service to a mission that fires me up and lights my way.

You see- this is what Commitment is all about anyway: being devoted to our visions & taking every step necessary, even when it means sleepless nights and pushing through edges we never even knew we had, in full service to the truth that each one of us are here to tell. Today, now, in the future, in this lifetime. Even if it scares you, even if it feels edgy, even if you have no idea what will happen- being committed to doing it anyway. Because you know you can. And now is the time for each of us as a collective to step up and go for it.

What I have found most fascinating as I’ve read through the emails and answered questions is that the same theme we are currently working on in Alchemy Rising as a group right now is what is coming up for so many of you in not only deciding if you are going to join, but simply in life in general right now:

Commitment- it’s one of those words that you either love or you hate- or maybe a bit of both. Often in life, we are faced with choices- YES or NO. STAY or GO. RIGHT or LEFT. BACKWARDS or FORWARDS.

Commitment can often show up as polarity- Either THIS or THAT. EITHER or NEITHER.

…. and so many shades of gray in between.  And sometimes we change our mind or our needs change, and that just creates all sorts of drama- if we let it.

Which can often leave us feeling dizzy with the back and forth and wavering that often comes with making decisions that require our commitment. Which can feel like- well- Alice in Wonderland jumping down the rabbit hole and playing in the land of possibilities. Leaving what she knows to be true, spiraling down and into a world that she literally could only have dreamed of.

Is it a dream? Is it real? Is what you are seeing as the possible future really true, really there, really within your capability to create just from making a choice?

Whew- just thinking about it can feel dizzying, don’t you think?

What’s interesting and unique about Commitment is that it is one of the two Stages of Embodiment that straddle the Ordinary World and the Magical World. Where the realm of possibility is endless, and yet the logical mind and fear can still tug on our hearts and hold us back from creating magical experiences in our lives.

The trick when in the Commitment phase is to be keenly aware of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘not real’ as you journey and take your next steps. Is what you are seeing true, or are you in a house of funny mirrors distorting your perceptions?

What is real? What is false? What do you REALLY want to create and experience wherever you are going?

The truth is- anything can be real if you decide to make it so. And those who master the Commitment Stage of Embodiment know this secret.

You have the power to create your destiny- all you have to do is make your choice- and be willing to strap on your seatbelt for the ride of your life.

Going Beyond the Veil is your the superpower that comes with Commitment.  It is your ability to look beyond what is right in front of your face and see this truth as it really appears-


Being the Commitment Stage, you are literally at the meeting place of the Above- what we can see in the Ordinary World- and Below- what is below the surface in the internal world.

As Above, So Below- an old ancient saying giving us the alchemical tool: what you see manifesting in your life is a direct reflection of what is happening below the surface in your internal journey at the soul level.

Therefore, if you see a particular energy or pattern manifesting in your life, you then can look below at what needs to be shifted, released or healed internally to reflect back the circumstances you DO what to occur.

All you have to do is be willing to look deeper, look further, look beyond the veil of what appears to be obvious, and search for the answers inside. This is why you often need to first find your Courage- looking within and deep in the realms of the magical world can be scary or even a bit like an acid trip- really? That is what was really happening, that is what was in there all along?

This takes Commitment- to yourself, to your journey, to going deep and most of all trusting that you have the power to create anything in your life. Which means of course that everything that is happening right now or has happened in the past was created by you.

Knowing this gives you the power to see the truth, vision the future, heal the past, and ultimately- create your own reality from this day forward. Or rather- be committed to the knowing that you can create your reality from this day forward.

One of the most amazing experiences in life is when we can learn to truly master this art of Commitment and work with the energies of it, instead of fighting it or worse- letting others decide for us. There are many practices, tools, archetypes, divine helpers and movement meditations that can help you in discovering what Commitment is for you, which is exactly what you can explore in the Stage of Embodiment of Commitment within Alchemy Rising.

By joining today, you can join the Alchemy Rising Tribe in the final weeks of our 40 day practice to Commitment as well as get access to: the previous stages we have journeyed though, all of the Foundational materials and practices, Movement Meditations, Facing the Lion audio, and the entire Shakti Mantra Library with over 20 recordings and practices to support you wherever you are in your journey.

What may happen when you finally become a Hell Yes to your life and all of the things you have been dreaming of doing?

What may happen if you don’t?

Are you willing to continue letting life live you, or is it finally your time to understand the process and ride the waves of this adventure called life once and for all?

There is an amazing group of women who have already Committed to their path and inviting in the tools and support to help them along the way. We would be honored to welcome you into the tribe and want to make this accessible to you for being a Hell Yes.

In Liberation & Celebration,






Jennifer Blackstock