The Return to Light

Hello Love,

I find it so incredible how every year, the wheel of life turns and the seasons reflect what is happening on the inner journey, and the inner journey reflects what is happening on the outer.

With Spring Equinox yesterday, the feeling I saw everywhere is undeniable-

The Return to Light

When the dark and the light are equal, with the light beginning to edge out the dark today. I can't tell you how many emails and conversations I've had over the past few days of SO many feeling almost in the final death throes of whatever challenges they faced this winter. 

Or as I like to call them, Initiations.

I myself was in major Initiation/ Spring Cleaning mode the past few weeks. As I wrote last time, I had some major realizations around how I show up in the world and making the decision that the only way I'm guiding my company & services going forward is by honoring the guidance that comes from deep within my own heart and the Divine- and saying No More to others telling me how my business should be run.

It's a lesson every entrepreneur experiences at some point in their journey, but also executives, mothers, managers, creatives, writers.... and pretty much everyone I know. The shadow of believing others may know better than we do about what we need to do, who we need to be, show we need to show up... and giving up our authority- and power- in the process.

In a few days I will be sending you a very special episode of The Unbridled Life Podcast that dives into what happens when we finally DO take our power back- from the job, the expert, the situation, the circumstances, the fight, the sticky situation.

This is a topic I'm passionate about and I can't wait to start this conversation with you.

In this exploration as I meditated on what needed to be said, before I hit record I had a flash of insight that something was energetically 'off' with my website. So I began to tinker around and went back to read old blog posts that I've written over the years. In typical fashion I 'went for it' and decided to start at the beginning- literally with my very first blog post written in 2008!

What was fascinating to me as I read over 300 posts from the past 9 years was the patterns, the shifts and the growth that occurred- even when at the time I would have said it was anything BUT growth.

In so many circles there is such a HUGE emphasis on staying in the present or visioning into the future and while I'm a full stand for both, there is something INCREDIBLY liberating to- once in awhile- look back and see things from a wider lens by examining the past. 

I view healing as a spiral- a spiral up towards the Light- and taking that look back helps you see how far you have come, the courage it took to get where you are today, and how differently you handle situations now than you did in the past. 

The idea is not to get stuck in the past, but to use it for inspiration in your Liberation.

For today I want to share with you my own Return to the Light that came from this exploration myself:

A brand new home for The Unbridled Life at

In the past launching a new website has felt like labor- meetings and spreadsheets, months of decisions and editors, developers, last minute extra costs, copywriting until my eyes crossed, and late nights nitpicking words and graphics. In essence, it's always felt HARD.

But this time it was different- so much clarity, so much flow, and the whole thing done in less than a week- with zero sleepless nights. When we truly let go of the reins and trust the guidance we are being gifted, I swear even the toughest things all of sudden can become delightful experiences.

To view the new website, please click HERE or below.

I poured my heart and soul into this latest iteration of sharing with you the best of what I can offer. This new site now provides a stronger framework to bring you more of what you have been requesting- video, interviews, additional live free courses, community, a cohesive blog... and so much more.

In my own Initiation leading up to this, several priorities became important for me to uphold all of the values of The Unbridled Life:

  1. Transparency- Over the past few months I've come to many conclusions of what feels in integrity for me going forward. One of my promises to you now is full transparency in my pricing. Every program now has the Investment clearly stated on the individual program page so you can make an informed decision and TRUST your heart before Applying. I know that the simple act of Applying is- in actuality- not so simple and takes an enormous amount of Courage for many of you, so I hope this helps you in that process of trusting yourself and your intuition.
  2. Community- Over the years I have held several free events & courses and each time, started a new Facebook Group to hold the space. It became evident to me after the ENOUGH event last month that while this was great at the time, we've lost cohesiveness over the years in bringing together community and that it is time for the birth of ONE Tribe. Any woman can join, regardless if you have participated in a course or not. So as of today, please join me in the brand new The Unbridled Life Tribe
  3. Free Library- There is now a Free Library of several courses available- from 5 Day Adventures to 40 Day Practices, I've consolidated many of the events you know and love so that you can join any of them at any time- not just when they are run as live events! I hope you LOVE exploring them! More will be added in the coming months- the first to be announced in a few days!
  4. Trust- YOU are what inspires me everyday to continue writing, to share my story, to create experiences, and to offer my services for those who are ready. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here. So I have now added a Contact form where you can send suggestions, ideas, questions and other inspirations to share what you most want to explore. Have an idea for a Podcast topic? I'd love to hear it! Want me to write/ teach more on something? Please let me know!
  5. Live Events- This is perhaps the 'Most Requested' item I receive on a weekly basis and I'm finally ready to again begin offering Live, in-person group experiences knows as The Unbridled Experience LIVE. Dates have been set and more information will be released in April. 
  6. Creating a Movement- It's a subtle shift, but switching to the main URL being is a monumental moment. It's against what I've been 'taught' about branding. It takes the spotlight off me. And it creates the energetic space to birth what I've ALWAYS felt The Unbridled Life was destined to become- A Movement. The vision of millions of women (and men!) stepping into full Embodiment through Trust, Surrender, Grace, Power & a hearty belief in Fierce Miracles has become stronger over the years- and now it feels time to act on many of the ways I envision that coming to life. Small steps lead to massive leaps of faith ;) 

And SO much more. I hope you enjoy this new place to explore your own Unbridled Life and please stay tuned for the special podcast episode coming in a few days. 

But more importantly:

Thank You.

Thank You

Thank You.

Thank You.

You are the reason I keep showing up, keep creating, keep exploring the shadow and the light. I ask God every morning before I get out of bed "How may I serve you today?" and this new home is the most recent answer. I can't wait for you to see what else I am creating for you <3 

In Liberation + Celebration.



Jennifer Blackstock