The Paradox of Hell Yes and Not...


Hello Love,

Over the past several weeks I've been having many discussions around honoring your timing, your pace, and knowing what is right for right now- and what isn't. It seems that in the quickening of so much happening in individual, community & global circles, the importance of knowing your truth, your timing, and your values is becoming more important than ever. 

All my life, I've been a Leap of Faith devotee. Time after time seeing the vision before me, knowing when I'm a Yes, and gathering all the courage I have to go for it- often without even looking for the net.

Even when I had no idea how, or didn't have all the resources I needed at the time. My pace has been almost exclusively leap of faith pace- or as some would say a full gallop- and for the most part that's worked for me.

And from what I know about many of you, I have a feeling you can relate. 

Every time it's been a blessing- though often in ways I never would expect.

Many times I've fallen flat on my face- literally & metaphorically.

{And have the scars to prove it}

Sometimes it's been quite a comedy of errors that ensued as I navigated the twists and turns of the decision.

But always right- always.

Last year, something utterly primal shifted within me. A grounded & rooted energy that had previously felt just-out-of-reach. A keener eye and more discerning heart emerged. A body ready to take me further, strengthened.

And then- the Visions of the next stage{s} began to emerge. Some dazzling, some surprising, some downright scary as hell.

But ALL of them, a massive HELL YES.

The old me would have Leaped to it- daring all, risking all to do it NOW. Even when the cards weren't lined up properly. Or the situation was not exactly what I wanted, but was oh-so-very-close. In fact last year I did leap into something by partnering with a farm to offer Equine Sessions, but I learned the important lesson that no matter how excited we are to start something, it's just as important to wait for what it truly the right situation instead of leaping at the first prospect to come along. 

And so, this rooted shift brought with it a new paradox to explore...Being a full Yes to something, while also honoring that maybe it's Not Yet, or Not This, or Not Quite- but close.

Which for a Leap of Faith-er like myself, felt so foreign.

Patience has not always been my strong suit, and as an entrepreneur it becomes almost second nature to leap at every opportunity because you never know when one would come along again.

I invite you to stop for a moment and ask yourself if you can relate in any situations in your own life? If so what? And how did you move forward?

This new exploration is one that I've been in for the past year, and one I've seen many of of my peers & clients exploring as well. It's a reason why I don't send newsletters as much anymore- because it became important for me to sit with every concept and really steep in it myself before hitting send, to teach from a grounded place, and to practice this new flow in every area of my life- especially how I communicate.

How might this paradox of Hell Yes but Not Yet show up for you?

It appears as Deep Calls into some larger vision that needs time.

Knowings of what you want deeper into the future than you've ever dared to look before.

Courage to take smaller steps to get further in the long run- for some of you for the first time ever.

And a deeper level of trust & surrender than I've ever known or seen before.

How do we navigate being a full YES AND know- it's NOT QUITE TIME- YET. Or it's not quite this- yet. Or... or.... or.

How do we see the bigger picture AND honor the smaller steps it takes to get there?

How do we stay in the present & enjoy the journey AND not get caught up in the Future Tripping that comes with such knowings?

How do we navigate a deep, deep, deeper still trust in timing & right place & next steps.... Even when we can taste and feel what's coming?

These first few months of 2017 I've been dancing in this Paradox intensely- making decisions, planning, facing fears and old triggers I thought I had 'mastered' {ahem- we never Master, we only continue to go deeper...}.

I've had chances to Leap, yet known it would be premature. I've tasted & smelled what's coming while being thrown on my knees to be present to NOW.

I've faced anger & ecstasy, hopelessness & peace, fear & courage.

All the while dancing in the trust: when the time is right I'll KNOW, while simultaneously enjoying the adventure along the way.

Where might you be dancing in this paradox yourself right now? Where do you know deep down in your heart you are wanting to go, explore, create, dive deeper, move forward?

Is it time yet? Are the circumstances right? Are there maybe some rules you need to break, fears you need to overcome, timing you need to trust first?

Or is the delay a sneaky way to hold yourself back or self-sabotage your momentum?

Or do you have absolutely no idea?

These are the questions to ask yourself if you feel that longing and readiness, but somehow know that stepping back to look at the larger picture is also in order. 

I'd love to hear how this is showing up in your life right now, so feel free to respond to this email or post about it on social media (be sure to tag me!).

As for me, I have a few visions I can see so clearly right now that I am a full on Hell Yes to- and in many ways I also know that right now is not the exact time. The vision of owning a farm near a beach to hold retreats & immersions with animals for deep healing. Running an intimate pizza restaurant on the property {I make a damn good pizza from scratch and LOVE feeding people}. Several books I want to write. The possibility of motherhood. All here. All brewing. And yet none quite ripe yet.

Just like if we picked the grapes before they are ready, it might make sour wine- so too we need to treat our Visions. 

Giving them the chance to grow. To be nurtured. To be trusted that they will lead us exactly where we need to be, exactly when we need to be there. 

In Liberation & Celebration,


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Jennifer Blackstock