The Embodiment of All of You


For the longest time, I thought I needed to compartmentalize all the various aspects of myself- to fit in, to thrive, to not rock the boat too much.

There was the healer/ priestess/ mystic side that I believed only people who could handle my power were allowed to see.

And then the business-finance-secret-suit that could nerd out for DAYS on all things strategy, branding, spreadsheets & more.

The equestrian side who could spend hours talking all things horses but not 'go there' about what I 'really' do in my business.

And lastly the wife, lover, friend who wants to curl up for hours with the ones I love- and love them hard.

I've noticed a lot more women these days creating similar buckets for themselves, and I started to get disheartened by it.

Because there comes a time where it becomes too painful to feel so split. It becomes exhausting being only partially you. It becomes maddening that you never feel totally seen.

When I talk about the past 8 months of shift & change, the merging of these {and so many other aspects of me} is a massive piece of it. 
And so a need to no longer even have the compartments arises- even when it's uncomfortable or changes up the status quo of who those around me believe I am.

Because I'm a healer who can have you roaring in release in one moment & switch right into business coaching in the next. {ahem, because the inner work feeds your business}.

I'm a wife who talks economics & strategy at dinner.

I'm a friend who sometimes needs to unleash the Seer & Initiator when situations call for it.

I'm a warrior who somedays just wants to play hard & laugh my ass off.

And so much more. 

Embodiment has always been my jam since I began my practice 9 years ago, but it's taken on a whole new flavor now- one in which by fiercely showing up as all of me in every container, I'm holding more space for my clients, friends, loved ones to fiercely show up in all the ways they embody themselves.

Because at the end of each day, I want to look back in satisfaction that I brought it- ALL. And I want the same for everyone who crosses my path 🔥