Introducing Worthiness Revolution Radio

At first I believed it was a problem with my body. 

So I went to the doctors and the shamans. And I healed my body.

Then I believed it was a problem with my men.

So I sought out the therapists and matchmakers. And I healed my relationship with men.

Then I believed it was a problem with my money.

So I went to the advisors and the lawyers. And I healed my relationship with money.

And then lo and behold, I believed it was a problem with my mind.

So I sat at the feet of the gurus and the teachers. And I healed my mind.

And wouldn't you know it, next I was convinced it was a problem with my business. 

So I hired the coaches and the strategists. And I healed my business.

And then damn it, I believed it was a problem with other women.

So I joined the sisterhoods and sat around the fires. And I healed the sister wound.

But around the circle I went, and again- I found myself believing it was a problem with my body.

So I….

And so the spiral continued. From problem to solution, from wound to grace, from healer to helper to expert.

Until- I couldn’t anymore. Until I had to stop and stare at myself, naked in a mirror, and see the truth.

See the worthiness.

See the revolution bursting from my soul begging to be seen. To be heard. To be shared.

This is my story, but it is also the story of every woman, every man, every human who walks this planet. For each of us the journey has appeared differently. But deep down inside, each of us are on our adventure to uncover the deepest secret of all:

That you are worthy. 

That I am worthy. 

That each and every one of us- is worthy.

In this day and age, it’s revolutionary to hold such a belief. 

Look around and you can see evidence on every corner that directly contradicts this, as well as evidence that exudes the gross characterization of- how shall I say it? Overcompensation for not fully believing this to be true.

So how do you own this revolutionary act of worthiness?

How do you walk the line of belief in your inherent worth while staying in alignment with what is true for you?

These questions and more are exactly what have been inspiring me through all of the shifts and changes occurring in my own life over the past 8 or 9 months. Some of which I wrote about a few weeks ago, yet there is still so much more to the story.

To open the conversation, I am THRILLED to announce that I have started a brand NEW podcast and Episode 1 is now LIVE.

My intention with this new podcast is to pick up where The Unbridled Podcast left off while infusing all of the depth and shifts that have occurred in my work in the past 2 years.

Episode 1: Revolution is now live and you can access it HERE or on iTunes by searching for 'Worthiness Revolution Radio'.

Stay tuned- I have a HUGE announcement coming in just a few days and a free Worthiness Bootcamp coming for you at the end of the month. 

If there is any lesson I've learned this year it's this:

Worthiness isn't earned. 

Worthiness is claimed.

And it's time each of us finds the courage to claim it.

In Liberation + Celebration,

Enrollment in the Fierce Feminine Mastermind is still open!

We officially begin in September and journey through the year to help grow your business, navigate what feels in and out of alignment, getting totally in flow, and fiercely supporting each other as each woman RISES.

More details can be found HERE. In my heart I know that if you are reading this and you are ready, you'll know.  

Simply book below to speak with me to take your first steps of your own Worthiness Revolution- the fierce feminine way.