My Fierce Feminine Story


Sacred Ash

This offering of

the deepest desires

to the Divine

is the biggest gift

the one that

actually matters



intense beyond


and the hardest

test of all.

But you needn’t

deny them

as they arise

They’re sacred

after all,

divinely human,

yet you fling them

like kindling

into Her fire

so they dance

and crackle

and snap

in Her


She does

what she will

She knows

every need

And You come

to love that

and to trust

~ Make Me Your Own: Poems to the Divine Beloved

By Tosha Silver

I often view my life as living poetry, so when I come across a poem such as this, my feet stop in their tracks and my heart skips a beat to the feeling of:

Someone else gets it. Someone else gets ME.

It's a feeling I've experienced over and over again in my life, and is the feeling that inspires me to share more with you of what the internal work has been that continues to lead me in my life. The predominant theme of which over much of my 37 years has been the acceptance of the Fierce Feminine within me- and all of the lessons she has taught me about my inherent worthiness.

When I look back on it now, it's crystal clear to me how all of the other outward manifestations of my success have been clear reflections of exactly this:

My days in finance where I was often the only woman at the boardroom table creating multi-million dollar contracts... and fighting the stigma that to rise to the top a woman had to be either promiscuous or a bitch- or both

Green Start Holistix which taught me how to empower others to heal themselves through the use of bodywork.

The Unbridled Life which focused on grabbing the reins of our lives, being in our power and setting our sights on the unlimited horizons full of potential- IF we had the courage to go there.

The Heroine's Odyssey which is all about claiming your freedom and being the heroine of your own story.

And so much more that I've never released or only revealed within my private programs. It's amazing to me how the more we step into alignment and do the inner work, the more clear we become in how we show up in the world. 

The problem- if you can call it that- is that to do so takes massive amounts of courage.

Why? Because when we choose to do the inner work, we also choose to make a change. To potentially have to walk away from things that feel safe, ruffle a few feathers, disappoint some people, and possibly even have to end relationships/ careers/ habits that had you feeling safe and comfortable.... but likely not fully happy.

For millennia the image of a strong, powerful woman who knows who she is and is in her power has been- how shall I say it- demonized. Literally and figuratively. In literature, mythology, social constructs and traditions, the idea of a fierce female has been- well- anything less than stellar.

And not just by men- the worst offenders of making it 'bad' for a woman to be in her full fierce sovereign power has often been other women.

Which is why when, at the beginning of 2017, it became clear to me that this message was the one I was meant to start discussing, I frankly ran away from it. But the thing is- we can never run away from the thing we are meant to do, and the more I hid, the more fiercely she came for me until I finally said a resounding YES deep in my heart.

I recorded a new Episode of Worthiness Revolution Radio about my own journey of the Fierce Feminine and how she ultimately led me to deep healing- and how I believe her message is needed now more than ever.

Hop on over to the podcast HERE to or on Apple Radio HERE to hear the episode. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and even your own journey with the Fierce Feminine- so please respond back and share.

And stay tuned- that big annoucement I promised last week is dropping tomorrow!

In Liberation + Celebration,