Hello Warrior,

It's so wonderful to be back in the United States after spending the past several weeks working on my book- The Worthiness Revolution- on the magical island of Bali. 

Like embarking on any adventure, at first thought I was going to Bali to simply write a book- but it turned into something entirely more than that... and way better than anything I could have imagined.

Instead of me going somewhere quiet to write with a group of other women, it's felt like the book has been writing ME- and it's been an adventure of a lifetime. I sat for countless hours at the table pictured above {at the incredible Trinity Gardens Hotel in Ubud, Bali} pouring my soul out onto the screen and learning more about myself and my work than I have in the past 8 years.

The serene views coupled with slow internet led me to put all my plans, podcasts and newsletters on hold to go DEEP in the writing cave while I brought to life the project that hopefully will be in your hands within the next few months!

Which is how it always happens of course- we hear The Call to do, create, explore, or expand in some capacity, then an adventure sets itself in motion that we could never have planned- even with the best of intentions.

There is so much I wish to share with you about the experience, about my first trip back to the island that changed my life 8 years ago, and about the transformation that transpired under the loving hands of our book whispering guide, Ezzie Spencer. Much of this will be in the book itself, and I'll be sharing important pieces of the process in the coming weeks and months that I feel can help all of you now.

It's taken me a solid week back at home to integrate all that transpired on The Island of the Gods {and overcome major jetlag!} but now that I'm back, there is a fire pulsing in my veins unlike anything I have experienced before.

The next few weeks I'll be deep in writing to finish the first draft of my manuscript and begin recording new episodes of the podcast (several that I recorded prior to leaving for Bali had sound issues, so I'll be going back in the studio this weekend to record new ones). 

To help me in creating more of what you desire, I want to check in with all of you to see what you want more of in the future!!

I've created a quick survey that I would be so grateful if you took the time to complete.

It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time and will help immensely in targeting the content to your desires for both the book and the podcast!

Continue reading below for the link to the survey, and a reminder that enrollment is still open for the Fierce Feminine Society beginning on October 6th!


As you know, I've been teaching about the intersection between mythology, embodiment and success for several years. With Bachelor degrees in both Economics and Mythology, I spent 10 years in corporate finance before embarking on the journey of being an author, coach and healer empowering women to embody the Fierce Feminine within each of us. 

I'm currently writing a book about worthiness- and how I believe the movement of more women stepping into their inherent Worthiness IS the modern heroine's journey. Which in many ways has become the journey of finding one's own version of success. 

I'm holding a quick survey of what you want most to hear, learn, and explore about the modern heroine's journey, the fierce feminine, embodiment, and the topics of worthiness & success.

This survey should only take about 5 minutes of your time and I would be so grateful to read your responses!

Fierce Feminine Society

Over the years I have worked with thousands of women- and men!- in harnessing their true power to follow the Callings deep within the heart... and clearing anything that is standing in our way.

This summer I heard a deep Call to bring together a group of women who are ready to take their dreams, visions and heart Callings to a new level with a fierce grace- and fire. Thus was born The Fierce Feminine Society.

A choose-your-own-adventure style program with 3 levels of participation, The Fierce Feminine Society is the intersection where the Divine Feminine meets Success in order to fiercely step into our worthiness.

My intention for the program is that each woman who joins is able to bring to life what she is feeling Called to create at this time in her life, while working with the 8 primary categories of Worthiness that we as women often face as roadblocks in our journey of success.

All with the help of mythology, archetypes, community, solid business structures, practical actions and more!

Currently there are 6 spaces still available in The Archer level of the program, of which enrollment will be closed on October 2nd. 

The Fierce Feminine Society begins with our first call on Friday, October 5th. Are you ready to join us?

To set up a time to discuss, please click below to reserve a time on my calendar. I can't wait to speak to you about this amazing opportunity!