Worthiness vs. Success

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Hello Warrior,

For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves. 

For far too long we have said yes when we wanted to say no. 

And for far too long we have said no when we desperately wanted to say yes. . . .

When we don't listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. 

And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don't, others will abandon us.

― Terry Tempest Williams

I am thrilled to announce that the podcast is back! To make up for lost time, over the next 9+ weeks I'm running a special series on Worthiness Revolution Radio entitled:

Worthiness Bootcamp

Worthiness Bootcamp will be taking us straight into the heart of how millions of people are rising up to claim their worthiness. We'll be exploring topics ranging from our bodies & sexuality to ambition to our intuition- and more.

Tonight the first episode is ready that lays the foundation- What is the difference between Worthiness vs Success, and how can you begin working with this TODAY.  

According to proper definitions:

Worthiness is the quality of being good enough; the quality of deserving attention or respect.

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit; a person or thing that achieves desires aims or attains prosperity.

In the old paradigm that ruled the land before the Revolution, the words worthiness and success were often interchangeable. Your level of worthiness to the outside world was reflected in your salary, income, social status, and many other external markers of success.

For many there developed a subconscious belief that one was only worthy if they achieved various levels of material success:

He’s worthy because he’s a partner at the law firm.

She’s worthy because she married a CEO.

He’s worthy because his record hit platinum.

She’s worthy because she received the big book advance and sold a million copies.

He’s worthy because he lives in the high-end neighborhood.

She’s worthy…..

I hope you get my point by now. Our place in society and our imagined sense of self-worth was intricately tied to how much we made and what our social status was. And in many ways, we are still living this old paradigm of measurements of success- and therefore of worthiness.

But if we look at the definitions, they are in no way the same thing. In fact, it could be argued that they actually have nothing to do with each other. 

He is worthy simply for being alive. She is worthy simply for existing. And therefore they both deserve attention and respect.

And then the outward manifestations of success become markers of various achievements of one’s life highlighting their own unique path, not indicators of how worthy or unworthy they are at their core.

Sounds straightforward, but for oh- several thousand years this link between the two became the measure of one’s worth. 

Old Paradigm:

If you have all of the outward signs of material wealth and success, that must equal that you were a worthy human being. And if you don’t have those external markers, then there must be some inherent lack in your worthiness that was causing it. Which then perpetuates upon itself.

But with the rise of The Worthiness Revolution came with it a shift. No longer did the outward manifestations indicate the true measure of one’s worth. 

Instead, the true measure of one’s worth became simply the 

New Paradigm:

You are worthy. 

I am worthy.

Each of us born onto this earth is worthy.

To listen to the entire episode, please click HERE or the image below. I would love to hear how the exercises in this episode go for you, so please do respond.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

In Liberation + Celebration,

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