Old Stories vs New Stories

Jen Workout Picture

➕OLD STORY: It’s been a crazy busy few weeks, I’m going to lay around and do absolutely nothing for a few days to recover.

➕NEW STORY: It’s been a crazy busy few weeks, so I’m giving myself ✨PERMISSION ✨ to do whatever I want for 2 days starting with total rest, with no judgement or preconceived notions of what those things may be.

Funny thing happens when we give ourselves that permission: the old guard of extremes (go hard, crash hard) disappear, and instead balance begins to rule the land.

⚔️ Because at times we need to go hard in our careers or business, and your body should not have to suffer for it ⚔️

Yesterday I really saw how much has changed in the past two years in how my body processes big expansive phases in my life & business. She used to contract- HARD- after every event, retreat, travel, etc I went to, regardless if I lead the event or not. But now that I’ve found my ideal rhythm with cardio & strength training {late in the day, always} and a meal plan that works well for me {Paleo with a side of pizza 🍕} that contraction? Almost non-existent.

But damn did I try to live in the old story yesterday {we often do}. While mentally tired & a bit headachy, my body was super restless and just wanted to MOVE. So after an internal battle, getting up every 10 minutes from reading & turning the bike on/ off 4 times throughout the late afternoon, I made a deal with myself- do 5 minutes & evaluate from there.

So I did. And know what happened? 5 minutes turned into 60, my headache disappeared, I was able to sweat out some weird energetic pulls, and I set myself up for 10 hours of blissful sleep. Then woke up this morning ready to go 👊🏻

We go through different phases of our life, and right now I’m in a super active, needing to sweat phase. Will it last forever? I have no idea. But honoring the new story instead of the old has literally changed EVERYTHING.

It’s not about what my body looks like right now- though I do love it!- but more about how I FEEL.

Which is fantastic. On fire. And more alive than ever.

What is your body begging for that your mind keeps over-riding? What permission do you need to give yourself to do things a new way? 🔥🔥🔥