Why I choose Strong instead of Skinny

Jen on her Fitness Journey

Since when did it become so taboo to compliment another woman on how she looks? I’ve experienced this a lot over the past 9 months as my body has started to show the effects of all the changes I’ve made- starting with the internal, which gave me the strength/ energy to focus on the external.

The awkward moment. The asking if it’s ok. The softening when I give the permission. The joy at not only hearing one’s compliment- but fully receiving it. ✨But the spark of permission to do the same that I see it ignite in them is the icing on the cake✨

When I was in my 20’s, it was all about getting skinny to look good to land a man or job & collect more race medals to PROVE just how fit I was. {sorry not sorry: Truth}. 

👉🏻 I believe the backlash- for many of us where this was the case- was to go to the opposite extreme- saying it doesn’t matter what we look like, that easy is better than hustle. Hiding our bodies in layers of secret shame and protection. Or the sneakiest culprit: convincing ourselves that self-love does not = fit.

Now for me, it has nothing to do with getting ‘skinny’ and everything to do with Being Strong- first on the inside, then the outside. For myself. For my clients. For my relationships. For my horse. For my finances. And for my soul. Because MY best comes from when I feel fit & strong enough to take on whatever comes- opportunities, challenges, and everything in-between. NOT from when I’m sitting beneath layers of protection from the drama of the world. 

And funny thing: when I let go of that armor, the drama disappeared 😉

I’m actually really proud of the changes I’ve made, not as some social or cosmetic proof, but because when I no longer felt the need to prove anything, all the steps I needed to take became crystal clear... and the excuses {and coping mechanisms} disappeared.

And in the process, I learned finally how to gracefully receive a compliment- because for maybe the first time ever, I feel like I’ve not only earned this, but CLAIMED it. 

That has made all the difference. And to be certain- I’m only just getting started