Hitting A Milestone and Celebration

Jen Water

This week, I hit a number on the scale that I never thought I would see again after I gave up my racing days. And I feel better than I ever have in my life. In the past year- as my body, mind & soul have been in massive ACTION mode, surrender to what is real & true for me in the NOW has become utterly important to prevent burnout.
I made some decisions recently, which came from exactly this dance. I could write a long blog post about All.The.Things. But the truth is.... writing long pieces is not where my heart is at right now. Talking is. Interacting is. Having honest & raw & FUN discussions about the body, fitness, money, ambition and the intersection of them all is. Supporting women who want to feel more of the power of their bodies is. And for the first time in my life, being in front of the camera & the crowd feels so right.
It’s no secret that I’ve spent the past year dropping excuse after excuse, and with that has come a dropping of all the things my ego was grasping so hard to gain to ‘prove’.... well what exactly, I’m not sure. My worth? Perhaps. 
Long story short, this shift has led to the following:
✨I’m taking a break from writing my book. It’s feeling one dimensional & not honoring this outward drive I’m feeling. I may publish parts soon, but the right capacity isn’t clear yet.
✨ For years I’ve quietly helped women find the connection between the body, ambition & success, but it was often focused (at first) on deep healing. But Fierce Ones, it’s time to go beyond healing/ fixing into THRIVING by harnessing the power of your Fierce Body. For this reason:
✨ I’ve opened up F I V E new spaces to work with me 1:1 to do exactly this- help you get into your Fierce Body. For years I’ve capped my number of clients at 10, but damn it- this fire in me is So Turned On I finally have the capacity to support more women at once. And from now until 6/6, these 5 spaces are available at my 2014 rates. 
Want in? DM me or head to link in comments to set up your first session and we’ll take it from there. ** Must be scheduled by 6/6 but can take place after to get these rates**