That Moment

Salty summer day. Sweaty run. Full heart. 

So many words- of ups, of downs, of supporting a few clients through some serious LIFE shit this week that’s on my heart, of breakthroughs on my own that have been so mind-blowing my body is still catching up with it all.

All I kept thinking on my run this evening was:
Oh, this is ME. Ohhhhhh, THIS is me!

Over & over again. 

And damn- when that finally clicks into your body, it’s like a tsunami of something I don’t even have words for, but I have never experienced anything so TRUE.

Whatever you are experiencing right now- the highs, the lows or the spaces in between, remember you’ve got this. Always 🔥

And if you need help, there’s something about moving your feet one foot in front of the other- no matter what speed- that reminds us of who we truly can be, and who we are becoming.

Jen Running