On Being Too Much

Too Much


A year ago this week I started to write a book about the epidemic of women not feeling enough & all the ways we are busting through that belief by running businesses, reclaiming our bodies & so much more. But a sneaky thing happened.... 

I discovered that I had been hiding behind a not enoughness {that kept me in a spiral of ‘healing’ & fixing} that conveniently masked that what I reallyfeared is that I’m Too Much.

Too intelligent. Too pretty. Too intense. Too into loud music. Too Leo. Too successful. Too happy. Too proud. Too into tattoos. Too fun. Too too too...

Then heaven forbid could I ever own- OUT LOUD- how awesome I believe myself to be?! Oh hell no. But my heart {and inner Leo} was screaming at me for years to just. fucking. own. it. already 🔥

And yet I kept finding myself in circles that claimed to be about raising women up, but undercurrents of competition, spiritual quagmires & don’t go TOO big ran beneath the surface.

It was getting exhausting {and severely impacting my health} pretending I was not enough simply to not rock the boat. Until it got to the point I simply didn’t even want to be in those boats anymore, and the permission to be me- in all my Too Muchness- began to reign supreme.

I believe it’s high time women begin to claim just how TOO anything they are without fear of what other women will say about them. 

Because the moment you no longer care what anyone says or thinks about you, is the moment you give yourself full permission to be YOU.

And that Fierce Ones, is a feeling like nothing else in the world 🔥🔥🔥