This is 38


This is 38. 
A little bit older. 
A little bit wiser. 
A lot more happy than- well- maybe ever.
A lot more fit. 
A few new lines, wrinkles, grays, creases & spots in places they’ve never been before. 

Even found my first little vein sticking out of my calf last night in a dressing room trying on shorts- because I ACTUALLY want to wear shorts again. I cringed a moment, noted to keep an eye on it since they run in the family & moved on without freaking out. 

{Side-note: trying on/buying new clothes after significant weight loss is a THING that can rock you y’all- more on that another day}.

Birthdays have always been a challenge for me- summer birthdays have their drawbacks that can feel a little lonely. And I always enter an evaluation stage that pulls at my heart, my aims & my Worthiness.

This year I still had my moments, but it might be the first year I didn’t let it consume me like in the past. Because I love who I’ve become, even if some of the paths I took to get here were pretty rocky.

And I have some pretty epic stories about those adventures 😉

It’s amazing how each year just keeps getting better, and I can’t wait to see what 38 will bring 🔥☀️❤️