Our Bodies Need to Be Strong

Our bodies NEED to move to stay young, flexible, and healthy. Lubricated joints and strong muscles help us feel not only strong, but healthy & alive. But for a long time as I was deep in the confines of the healing world that thrives off someone being in perpetual pain, I couldn’t see it.

And the anxiety that came from so much inertia… I can’t even begin to describe how much pent up energy my body was holding in that- in the spirit of following the trends of Body Positivity and Self-Love and accepting my body for what it looks like as is- I was refusing to do anything about. 

I know I’m not alone that these messages that were supposed to be positive and had many well-meaning intentions behind them, actually turned toxic for many of us by becoming feeding grounds for our excuses to reign supreme. 

It wasn’t until a few years ago when I began riding horses again and felt how weak my once very athletic body had become that I needed to face these excuses head-on. It was- how can I put it nicely? Humbling as fuck. 

And yet I still chose to sit in those excuses for more than a year- scared to admit that MY form of Self-Love actually meant allowing my body to be light, strong, fit, challenged, often very sweaty, and ultimately- full of power. 

It took getting naked with myself and my desires, facing my anxiety and depression head-on, and cleaning that up for me to realize just how much my body had been holding on to all those years. 

So for me, a Fierce Body isn’t being able to lift certain weights or run any amount of distance or eat some magically perfect diet. It’s about taking into account ALL areas of life and being in your full power in each of them- with plenty of room to be perfectly imperfect. 

And if that leads to six-pack abs or completing a Spartan race or just being able to walk around the block unassisted, I’m all for it 👊🏻
The specials on the Fierce Body Book & programs are still live through tonight- is it your time to get naked with yourself & own what Fierce means to YOU? 🔥