Being ok with not being Liked


This is a topic coming up over & over again this week in all of my conversations & sessions. 

Maybe it’s the eclipse, maybe it’s the spirit of Leo Season, maybe it’s this heat wave, or maybe it’s just a lot of women finally strapping on their boots & deciding to not worry about it anymore by stepping fully into doing life their way. 

{PSA: which often enough is NOT how others think you ‘should’ be living/ speaking/ showing up 🤔} 

But in all seriousness, I think it’s this right here- worrying what others will think- that holds SO many women back from taking steps forward from a confident, in-your-power place. 

Or- more slyly- by taking actions only because they are expected to or feel they MUST because.... well a myriad of reasons.

I used to be a chronic over-carer of what others thought of me- needing to have the perfectly curated brand, saying all of the right things, following the trends of what leaders are ‘supposed’ to say & having everything in line before putting it out in the world. 

Which served me to an extent- except that I was quietly giving my power away constantly to the ever-growing monster of needing to fit in. 🤢 
But isn’t a leader someone who- by definition- stands out a bit from the crowd? And blazes a new path, not necessarily the popular one?

Eventually though, my eyes were opened to how that shit was NOT serving me, and I had to get really comfortable in the discomfort of being fully me not only in my relationships but also- gasp- PUBLICLY... and life was forever changed.

Was it comfortable? Hell no.
But was it worth it? Every tear drop, frustrated conversation & agonizing post- 💯YES

I may not have the massive numbers or ‘social proof/ platform’ I’m ‘supposed’ to have but hot damn- I have a fantastic life, I’ve got quality relationships, INCREDIBLE clients I want more of and communities now that feel so freaking good I’ve been able to give more & love more fiercely while giving MYSELF even MORE permission to be me- unapologetically.

Which opens the door for others to choose the same for themselves, or move on. Which is beautiful in every way imaginable ✨

Fans on & loving the breeze 💃