It's Time to Speak UP

Speak Up

Basically 👇🏻

For so long I was the girl who was extra cautious to never offend, keep my lips sealed, or only let it rip on what I REALLY thought on my own or with my most trusted loved ones.

It lead to a lot long of drives in the car listening to loud metal music to belt out alllllllllll the energy of what I was holding in. {Tool fan forever 🖤}

My clients & friends know I have ‘soapbox’ moments where I riff on all the-things-that-shall-not-be-named, but what it used to take for me to reach that point was A LOT.

And know what that caused? Chronic ulcers (both stomach & mouth), boundary issues, carrying around extra weight on my body to cope & ‘shocking’ people when all of a sudden I would reach a breaking point and explode.

Healthy? Nope. 

Happened? Yup.

These days my work is in saying what I need to. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if it might disappoint people. Even if it might fuck things up (but can we really fuck it up if it’s already dysfunctional? Things to ponder 🤔).

There is freedom in saying what needs to be said. While I’m approaching a Birthday this month I don’t think it’s actually about age, it’s about maturity. And yes- there is a massive difference.

Perhaps it’s time to speak it Fierce One 👊🏻