They Don't Warn You

Sometimes all of our tricks in the book simply don’t work for a while. Or may appear so for a spell.

I set out with some major intentions & a huge aim for July {#leoseasongotinmybones}. In all transparency: July kicked my ass.

They don’t warn you about what happens when you face your biggest fear head on- and it turned out more than ok.

They don’t warn you about what it feels like to finally hit the elusive dream.

They don’t warn you about how bone-achingly goooooooooood it is going to feel. 

They don’t warn you about the projections & comments & strife it might cause as those around you also process your changes.

They don’t warn you about the strange discomfort it is to feel free in ways you never have before- ESPECIALLY in your body.

✨And how hard it simultaneously becomes to reconcile it all with your past actions✨

July I had a perfect storm happen: all of the emotions above + a major goal achieved + another goal falling WAY short {that upped my anxiety} + a big birthday. 

All coupled with a fall off my horse that slowly hurt my hip, an event that consumed me & a tattoo that meant being stationary when all my body wanted to do was move.

🔥 It’s no secret that movement is my Go To trick for managing my anxiety. AND....

Sometimes the anxiety just comes back.

Sometimes your trick to handle it all isn’t possible.

Sometimes where you are going looks radically different than where you came from.

So we falter and maybe flail. And perhaps even fall a bit on our face.

But that doesn’t mean we need to stop the momentum. We might hit pause for a day or two or ten. But it’s in that decision to continue on through the discomfort where we have the chance to truly RISE.

🔥My transformation this year back into my athlete self has nothing to do with what weight I am or how I look {I’m not going lie are great side effects}. 

For me it’s ALL about the mental health benefits, mindset shifts & confidence it’s spurred in me in all OTHER areas of my life🔥

In the past a month like this would have sent me in a tailspin. This time, it threw me off center a bit, but I finally had the FAITH that it was temporary AND I’ve got this.

You’ve got this. WE’VE got this 👊🏻