Decide How Badly You Want It


I wanted to feel great again. I wanted my energy at full throttle. I wanted to get a handle on my mental health. I wanted to have the strength to show up in the world more fully- because I have work to do & things to say & I got comfortable in half-assing it for way too long...

Here’s the tipping point- I didn’t just want it. I hit the mythical place where I NEEDED it like nothing I’ve ever needed before.

🔥I needed it badly enough to do what was necessary to get there🔥

And I still am: DAILY 

Even when I don’t want to. 

Even when my excuses want to slow me down. 

Even when it would be SO much easier to not take responsibility. 

Even when forces try to knock me down a notch for shining too much or sharing my Truth unapologetically.

Even when others project their pain on me or try to make me wrong for doing what is right for me.

And even- ESPECIALLY - when it’s super uncomfortable 🔥

Because I know better. And I want better. For myself, for my relationships, for my community. And better starts within me.

My lesson this year hasn’t been just about joy or fitness or taking my business to the next level or riding Oliver better or any of the outward markers-

It’s been getting honest with myself about what I want, and fucking claiming it, every damn step of the way 👣

I have amazing guides helping me along the way from mentors to friends to family, including Robin Arzon from this quote who I ride & sweat with daily on Peloton .

What have you been wanting? What have you been NEEDING? Don’t you think it’s about time you claim it already & take responsibility for making it happen?

It’s time 🔥