No Longer Tired

The most common words out of my mouth used to be: I’m tired.

And I crashed & I burned nightly in puddles of what I thought was hard earned rest.

Until I realized that ‘I’m tired’ was code for

‘I’m bored, there must be something I’m NOT fully living’

And the crashing & burning was exhaustion from trying so hard to fit into what everyone else wanted me so desperately to be

For them. Not for me.

And so I laid down my blanket and took a deep breath

Then ten then twenty then a hundred

And I gathered up the Courage to just simply be 


To run & to play & to sweat & to rage, and to find what ✨I✨ wanted to say, not what some marketing magic predicted I Should Be.

Now I speak what I need because so many deeply need to hear it, even when I know it might not be liked by a few

And I support & I guide even better because I also fiercely support me.

At the end of the day, 

🔥I work hard & I play even harder because I know now that’s just ME🔥

So now on Sunday afternoons when I roll over & whisper ‘I’m tired’

It’s a knowing deep down in my bones that I lived my damn life this week, fully & Fiercely Stronger 👊🏻

And on Monday I’ll be blazing again, ready to do it all over- with Courage & with Fire & with a smile on my face from Fully Living- deeply Satisfied 🔥