Pure Joy


The look of simultaneous shock & joy that comes moments after doing something you didn’t think you could do, that pushed your edge, that launched you into an entirely new level.

There’s been a lot of this lately not just in the saddle but in other areas of my life, sprinkled with a bit of mourning & compassion for the woman I used to be who stayed stuck for far too long.

Sometimes it can feel like we’re in an awkward in-between. Ready & willing while also letting distractions still get under our skin at times. 

That’s when patience becomes our best friend- and some silent cursing under our breath becomes necessary as we do the damn thing despite the adrenaline & urge to quit 🤫

It’s your choice who you decide to become- a woman willing to go for it even if it’s scary, or not.

Neither way is right, it’s simply an act of deciding. I know the choice I’m making on a daily basis now- which way are you choosing for yourself today Fierce One?