What it is Really About


It’s not about the bike or the shoes or the calories burned or the perfect workout pants or how heavy the weights were or if you even broke a sweat.

It doesn’t matter if it was a run, a bike, a swim , a hike, a short walk, a ride, a surf or any million other ways to move.

It’s about showing up, doing what you committed yourself to do, and coming from a place of massive, heartbreakingly open love for yourself.

This bike was just one of several tools that gave me accountability this year to do what I said I always wanted: to be an athlete again. 

I may not ever win any race {hell- I never came even close when I used to race competitively}. But this has nothing to do with winning, except winning the battle with myself that tells me I can’t do it.

Lately I’ve been hopping on the bike to just ride with me, myself & I {and a badass playlist}. No instruction, no plan other than a mileage count. Listening to my body, going a little further, walking my talk.

It’s still hard when you have someone telling you what to do, but let me tell you- the power you can access when trusting yourself enough to lead the way? Legendary.

And now 🍕🍕🍕

Happy Sunday Fierce Ones, hope you got to play this weekend 🔥