Newsletter Coming Soon

It’s been a hot minute {or 8 months! Gasp!!} since I took what I thought was going to be a very short break from writing my newsletter to focus on writing my book & taking care of me for a spell. 

Turned out way longer than I anticipated as-well- a lot changed in me over the past 8 months 😉 I think I needed some time to catch up with myself first, but I trusted the timing. And today- the inspiration returned & the words are flowing like water....

Which means a love note from me with some raw honesty of my journey will be dropping into inboxes by Wednesday, with a special little gift for those signed up.

Not signed up yet? Head to any of the links in profile 👆🏻or drop me your email address below or in DM’s so I can add you.

I forgot how GOOOOOD this feels in my skin to write these special letters from my heart to yours. I can’t wait for you to read this ❤️

Hope you’ve had a great & productive Monday Fierce Ones 🔥