No Longer Hiding

These freckles though 😍 I used to want to hide them as a teenager, but now I totally embrace them.

Kind of like a lot of things these days for quite a lot of us. The shifting from hiding to Embracing can move mountains y’all 🔥

This summer I’ve witnessed some MASSIVE wins & breakthroughs in my clients’ lives that I want to celebrate for a moment:

Jobs turned down or left that weren’t a fit anymore.

New business models implemented.

Positions accepted that are a perfect fit after getting really clear on what works & what doesn’t.

Great reviews for a client who created her own role at her company {instead of leaving} and is rocking it 👊🏻 

Moves to new cities happening that have been in the works for ages 🎉

Leases signed. Boundaries drawn. Big leaps taken. Pounds lost...

An engagement with a couple I supported through some tough times.

Other relationship commitments after feeling all was lost & they’d never find anyone to be with again.

Horses bought. Houses bought. Debt cleared. Love found.

Job clarity. Business clarity. Body clarity. Life clarity.

And oh yeah- big money breakthroughs all around.

Sometimes in the day-to-day it can feel intense or annoying {like I used to feel about my freckles 🤷‍♀️} as we’re transforming or like it’s not moving fast enough, but witnessing so much growth & courage literally leaves me in awe at the end of each day.

It’s taking that long-term, this is a change in lifestyle-not a quick fix- approach that gives us so much more momentum on the other end.

And leaves us feeling so sparkly & new once we’ve hit our stride ✨

To all the ladies out there embracing their courage and Not Too Muchness: 

I’m celebrating you all today, and every day 👊🏻

Now go get ‘em Fierce One- it’s a summer to make some wild dreams come true 🔥