What I learn from riding Horses

I learn so much about myself in the saddle. More than I ever realized I would. 

Where I hold back. Where I try to rush. Where I get sloppy. Where I try too hard to control. 

When I need to be clear in what I want. And when I need to surrender.

Where I need to toughen up, and when softening is what’s needed.

And how much preparation- mental, physical, financial & emotional- is needed just to have these 30 minute moments in the saddle several days a week.

I get asked all the time why I invest so much in this sport, and the answer is easy:

Because being on a horse’s back is where I learn who I am. Where I’m showing up, where I’m not, and who I am becoming in the process.

Sure I could invest my time & money elsewhere {and Lord knows there are days I question how I will make it all work}. But at the end of the day, nothing brings me more joy than this- even on the days where it’s difficult as hell.

And this horse in particular... know the saying that we get what we need, not what we asked for? He’s SUCH a reflection of me it scares me at times- which is why it’s so perfect 👌 

I hope you spent your Saturday doing something you love as much as I love this, Fierce Ones ❤️

Now- time to cross train to prepare for tomorrow’s ride 👊🏻🔥💪🏻