The Paradox of the Body Positivity Movement

Lately I’ve been living in the land of paradox using my body as the testing ground for ALL the contradictory forces that impact all areas of life, from money to career to relationships to purpose to.... well everything. By closely examining the dynamic forces occurring within my own body, I’ve been able to approach the rest of life with more confidence, clarity & courageous action than ever before.

I.E. You can still 100% be in love with your body AND want to transform it. They are not mutually exclusive & I will go out on a limb to say that you are not fully loving your body if you are not giving her adequate exercise & optimizing how she functions with daily exertion & movement. 

In fact, if we are in full love & honoring of our body then sometimes the most loving thing to do IS to get fit, lose weight, build strength & more. 

It took me many years to see, but I believe the body positivity movement actually did more harm than good in the long run by creating a toxic breeding ground for our excuses to reign supreme.

Live more & don’t worry about your weight. Love your body as is, but don’t try to change her to fit into what culture says is beautiful… I could go on. On the surface these are amazing messages that I 100% agree with, but they brought with them an underbelly of judgment, inertia and silently making anyone who wanted differently for their own body wrong.

I have a lot to say about this and will be speaking about it more, but what is important is this:

🔥Whatever is important to YOU in how your body looks, feels and moves is what is important

End of story🔥

Because if being strong or reducing body fat or running a race is going to help you feel better, you will increase your confidence & therefore show up even more in the world. 

With this, the more you are aware & paying close attention to the details of your body, the more you can catch yourself if you go too far, push too much or start to make your body more about what others think than about yourself.

It’s a tricky paradox, but one I feel a lot of women are being called to explore right now. Too far in either direction simply hasn’t worked for most of us- so what is your balance?