When we Respect Each Other's Truth

Want to know what I find really sexy these days? People who share their Truth unapologetically AND respect & honor other’s Truths & opinions just as strongly- even if it differs.

Especially if it differs 🕊

If there is one thing I’ve learned over 10 years in the personal development world is that for every topic you can imagine, there are a million & one Truths to be had.

My Truth around what is right for my body is Truth.

Your Truth around what is right for your body is Truth- even if it appears to be the complete opposite of mine.

My Truth around what is right for my money is Truth.

Your Truth around what is right for your money is Truth.

And so on... Part of my job is helping you find that Truth & actually LIVE BY IT. Easy, right? Well....not so much.

Because we may THINK we know what our Truth is based on lived experience, cultural conditioning, what our community believes, what our ego wants etc. 
But Fierce One- many of us hide from our own Truth like the plague while simultaneously judging others who are living it when we are too scared to do so ourselves.

Not too long ago I considered giving up social media because it has become all too easy for people to speak their own Truth while ALSO tearing others down if theirs differs.

Speak Your Truth- but only if it’s the same as mine. Or else feel my fury 🤔😡🙄 It’s happening on every topic. From coaching to fitness to politics to parenthood to finances & beyond. 
I don’t really get it & at times I’ve wanted to run far away from it. But I don’t run away from the things that scare me.

What I find so refreshing these days & SO sexy is:

I speak my Truth. You speak yours. AND we respect each other in the process.

No tearing down. No bullying. No Keyboard Warrior shit. No talking behind someone’s back. No hiding masked in words of hate & shaming in the name of _______.

Want to change not only your world but the world around you? Embrace THIS- the paradox of accepting Truths even if they contradict yours- and watch how sexy your Truth begins to feel in your own skin 🐉

And just how sexy Truth looks on all of those around you 🔥

Jennifer BlackstockComment