Friday Night Celebrations

Hey weekend, I’m ready for you 👊🏻
Here’s my Friday night cheers to all of you Fierce Ones who gave it your ALL this week:
🔥Who faced your fears and found out they aren’t so scary after all.
🔥Who finally said YES to going for your dreams. 
🔥Who finally said NO to the things that no longer serve.
🔥Who faced those inner demons head on and came out shining.
🔥Who slooooooooooowed down to truly hear yourself think.
🔥Who finally got on the train of momentum after years of stagnation.
🔥Who stood up for yourself when you really wanted to run away.
🔥Who finally said enough to the dark night.
🔥Who committed even deeper to the support you need.
🔥And to those who pulled on your big girl pants, strapped on your boots, and did the damn thing already.
It’s such an honor to be surrounded by so many BADASS women these days- from amazing clients to friends to barn family to my community- and the courage I see daily astounds me.
Yes more, please and thank you.
And if maybe you didn’t feel as courageous as you wished you had been, consider this your gentle nudge that there is always tomorrow- or even a few hours left of today- to go for it.
Happy Friday Fierce Ones 🔥🖤🌊


Jennifer BlackstockComment