What is a Fierce Body?

What is a Fierce Body?

For each of us, the answer is going to be radically different. I will share the definition I follow for myself, and then I invite you to think about, feel & envision your own definition for YOU.

To me, a woman who is living in her Fierce Body isn’t necessarily the skinniest, strongest or fittest woman in the room. Perhaps she is. Perhaps she isn’t. 

In fact- what a woman looks like & how her body is shaped are secondary to how a woman FEELS in her own skin, how she moves in her own body, how she simultaneously tends with exquisite care of her body as a temple AND challenges her body on a daily basis with whatever is the next scary edge for HER {and her alone}. 

🔥For me at this time of my life this is not only physical activities & refining my nutrition & self-care, but also in showing up online & in my community by sharing what could be seen as controversial- especially when my introvert side would WAY rather stay anonymous 🤢🤭🔥

The side effect being that yes- a woman may be ‘skinny’- which I now am classified as {and which has so many variants & definitions & I have rant about skinny shaming coming soon}, able to deadlift insane weights, can run marathons or kill it on a bike, jump horses over 3 ft fences, or may have a sick set of abs. 

Or a MILLION other versions unique to each of us. I know I can’t do many of the above- YET- but that sure as hell doesn’t stop me anymore from taking the steps to get there.

But those physical markers are not what make you and your body Fierce 🐉

What makes your body a Fierce Body is the WILLINGNESS to cultivate your strength no matter how small or slow you start {hint: I’m not just talking physical strength here}, to be in your power, and to stand in your FULLNESS every damn day. 

And to have some FUN with it along the way.

From those days where you feel like the strongest woman in the world, to those days when you barely know how to stand. 

Being willing to take that one extra step beyond what you believe is possible, to trust that your body can do more than your mind thinks it can, to honor what you need {not what you want- there is a difference!}- and to do so FIERCELY🔥🖤🐉

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