Mood 🔥2018 is already going down as life-changing so it’s easy to say I’m pretty excited to see what the final 3 months of the year are going to bring 👊🏻


Thank you @onepeloton and @robinnyc for being a massive part of this transformation for me. This morning I was officially down 35lbs and reached what I never thought was possible for me- being a competitive athlete again at 38. Now I’m moving into a building phase by upping my strength training 💪🏻, choosing longer endurance races for next year 🏃‍♀️ & my next race is this Sunday for the Surfing Madonna 5k beach run 🏄🏼‍♀️


But in all truth, those outward markers are just the icing on the cake of an even bigger picture of health that went from pretty good to absolutely THRIVING:

✨My mental health is so positive now after years of struggle & perfectionismism

✨I am more in tune with the nuances and wisdom of my body than I ever have been {which led me to follow up on a hunch I had that let doctors catch pre-cancerous cells early 🙏🏻}

✨My anxiety is in check

✨I wake up SO PUMPED to start my days now

✨A massive mindset overhaul has occurred ✨By digging deep into the strength of my body, I’ve reconnected with my faith in God ✨And through this, began to trust myself even more than I ever thought possible. Beyond trust into the territory of massive Faith

✨and and and

✨Oh yes- an insane amount of JOY simply IS my life now ✨


The bike that goes nowhere really got me to do the damn things already that I kept saying I wanted to do. .

But it’s not because of the bike that all this happened- know you, because magic pills don’t exist. And I very easily could have let it sit there & turned it into a glamorous clothing rack.


Rather it was me making up my mind to change. Committing to the sometimes grueling workouts & nutrition tweaks & grumpy moods that tried to derail me. And then doing what it takes- Every. Damn. Day. .

That doesn’t mean I ride every day- in fact I ride less now because I’ve added running, swimming, riding my horse more & other activities. But it does mean I show up for myself in ways I never have before in every moment.


And that Fierce Ones, is the only magic pill I know of that works 🔥

Jennifer Blackstock