The race high

Still riding that race high over here. I keep sitting down to write out my thoughts and lessons not only about the race but the whole training process {and how it relates to everything} but the amount of energy coursing through my body the past 48 hours is unreal & unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.






Finally feeling the elusive Permission to actually feel ✨This Good✨ and that- in fact- it is NOT Too Much to handle...

Plus so much more.


And in a bit of shock I’m still processing- I have very little soreness. Legs don’t have as much ‘fuel in the tank’ as I’m used to, but overall my body has accepted the miles with no problem.


So I’m off to harness this energy in rest, and will be back as soon as my fingers can keep up typing all the thoughts swirling through my head, my heart & my body.


You never know what’s on the other side of what you are drawn to do {and ahem- scared of}. It just might show you an entirely new way of feeling 👊🏻👑🔥⚔️

Jennifer Blackstock