Maybe its time to lose

Every change has to start somewhere. ..

Sometimes it’s a subtle shift that takes years to even notice. Sometimes it’s a tug on your heart that just.won’


Sometimes it’s a swift kick in the ass that came seemingly out of nowhere. But it didn’t- you saw it coming, you knew the choices you needed to make but didn’t- and so God made the choice for you.


No matter how it’s showing up, this change is nothing short of a REVOLUTION.


A Revolution of your heart. A Revolution of your soul. A Revolution of your Body. A Revolution of your Business or Career. A Revolution o your Relationships. And a Revolution of YOU.


No matter how a revolution is brewing in you right now, by facing your fears and allowing yourself to be strong on the outside, you open your heart up to feel strong on the inside. And that strength is what fuels your fierce heart to do, create, and become the woman you are ready to BE.


But let’s be real here for a second: SOMETIMES BEFORE YOU WIN THE WAR, YOU NEED TO LOSE:

🔥Lose the anxiety. The sleepless nights & the fears that had been running the show

🔥Lose the weight of the boulders you’ve been carrying

🔥Lose the weight of other people’s expectations 🔥Lose the fear of speaking up for your needs

🔥Lose the trauma hidden in your cells or the stuffed words your heart has been aching to tell

🔥And yes- oftentimes lose the extra weight your physical body has been carrying around.


Then the doing of the hard & easy & fun & joyful & oftentimes crazy things to get there will blow your mind with just how BIG you can be.


Because chances are once a woman commits to calling her Power back daily, she’s going to feel bigger than ever before:

🔥Bigger in her being. 🔥Bigger in her confidence. 🔥Bigger in her trust of herself & her body. ..

And it’s highly likely that even if the arbitrary number on the scale or pants size go down, she will feel absolutely larger than life. ..

Full of life. And so damn excited to keep growing.


For many of us, the first step is simple, but not easy: facing our fears head on. Because once we acknowledge those fears, we can turn them into our Fierce .


And then that war is easily WON 🔥🔥🔥

Jennifer Blackstock