I have a confession to make:

I am a scaredy cat. 

Deep down inside- if I let my fears run the show- exists a quiet, shy, socially anxious and risk-adverse woman who would way prefer living a private, quiet life writing books & spending time alone.

But that’s the me that exists when I’m living in my fears. 

Because there is also a me that knows I was born for more. Who has a fierce desire to change the world one woman at a time & who has an ambition far beyond what I believe I’m capable of most of the time.

At some point we all reach the proverbial crossroads where the calling to do more becomes greater than the fears that are trying to stop us. 

What I do now- leading a public life, speaking all day & supporting so many incredible women around the world- was never something I thought I could do. My fear was telling me it was too much. But my heart knew otherwise. 

To say that I am in love with what I do- supporting women in dropping their fears and stepping into their Fierce- is an understatement. 

I live and breathe to do this work. 

I get excited each time a new women books time to speak with me. 

I bask in celebration right there with you when the wins start pouring in.

I end each day with a smile of satisfaction at a day well spent. 

I jump out of bed every morning excited when my schedule is fully booked with clients.

Because it always allows radical transformation for me as well to Show Up as fully and as Fiercely as I can. And THAT is greater than any fear I can ever have.

But it wasn’t always this way. For over 30 years I lived in a constant battle between these two sides of myself. On one hand having a fierce fire to DO and BE in the world vs being so scared of my own power I’d let my fear stop me.

Interestingly enough, I always achieved high levels of success according to the outside world. But behind the scenes fear was still running the show. 

Until I learned how to turn those fears into my fierce, standing in my power and having the courage to see just how worthy each of us is to shine.

It was nothing short of a Revolution-

A Worthiness Revolution. 

And the first step- was Turning My Fears Into My Fierce 🔥🔥🔥

Jennifer Blackstock