Go for it

Monday Mood 👊🏻

Even when they tell you it can’t be done, it IS possible. Pinky Swear Promise you that is it.

But first you’ve got to know what it is you want in the first place. Then- you know- act on it 🔥

It may not look exactly as you think or happen in the timeline you hoped, but that’s a story for another day.

I’m starting the month setting my sights on one big body goal that slightly terrifies me- running marathons again leading to an even bigger goal down the road - plus two big business goals I’ve been dancing around for years that it’s time I step into.

Plans are being hatched. Actions being taken. Worthiness is activated.

And turning my fears into fiercely going after it. 🔥

What’s one vision you just can’t stop thinking of that you are ready to say yes to? 

Double points if you are terrified of it. 

Triple points if you think it’s impossible👇🏻

Jennifer Blackstock