Final Run Before the Marathon


This afternoon I went for my last real run before the marathon in 6 days & spent every step of the ‘easy’ 7 miles feeling so damn in awe of how much can change in a short 6 months.

I remembered doing a similar distance on Thanksgiving & how incredibly HARD almost 7 miles felt & how much of a massive win it was to achieve.

Today- I had some body tweaks to work through & ‘oh shit, WHO do I think I am going for this?’ moments.

But mostly- I felt immense waves of gratitude.

✨ Gratitude for the freedom to run as I please thanks to the sacrifices of our warriors

✨ Gratitude for moving forward DESPITE fear

✨ Gratitude for Courage in all her shapes & forms

✨ And gratitude for the momentum that comes from tiny steps that build up to massive change over time.

I believe that we have the power to change our life when we set our mind to it. Often that shift can come WAY faster than we anticipate EVEN with slow, incremental, sustainable changes.

I was reflecting on my run how 6 months ago on that Thanksgiving, I was in the agonizing limbo that comes between biopsy rounds.

The first set came back as cancerous cells present & I was in that hold-your-breath-for-6 months of wait & see.

Was my body going to fight it itself? Would the next round show cancer had spread? Or gotten worse? Would I need surgery?

I had a choice: stop everything & wait?

Or focus on getting strong 💪🏻 Not just strong physically- that was already happening.

But stronger mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Because I knew no matter what happened, I was going to fight like hell 👑

Warrior is in my blood & it was time to engage her for REAL.

So I committed to some big physical goals to sharpen the iron of my body, mind & heart ⚔️

I’m blessed that the second round of biopsies showed my body had fought off the cancer that was starting. But I didn’t let that stop me from the journey I was on.

6 months. Our whole world can change in 6 months when we set our mind to it.

Today I’m announcing a special edition of my most popular program to celebrate this journey I’ve been on leading up to next Sunday {and beyond}.

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Happy Memorial Day 🔥🔥🔥