Full Circle

When I was preparing to run my first marathon 15 years ago I had a vision in my mind:



Driving down a California coast in a Jeep at sunset, feeling free & laughing with my love by my side.

The problem was- that was the exact opposite life I had 🤔

Working on Wall Street & living in Hoboken in the years after 9/11, my life was quite honestly one of partying hard & trying to live up to the image of life that shows like Sex & The City portrayed.

I wasn’t happy- and so I started running 🏃‍♀️ Those long miles in Central Park soothed a soul that wanted to metaphorically run away from it all.

When I ran the Nike 26.2 in San Francisco I had no idea that I would be offered a job to move there a few days later.

It was the biggest decision of my life- and I leaped.

What followed has been a winding & often unexpected path to finding myself & discovering just how powerful I actually am.

I swore I never needed to run another marathon again after that first one. But when a similar rumbling started in my soul last year I just couldn’t ignore it.

But this time it hasn’t been about running away from anything, but rather TOWARDS deeper aspects of myself & my future.

It’s been confronting, exhilarating, terrifying & FUN all wrapped up into one. And it’s been interesting to feel an anticipation building of what’s on the other side.

I don’t think it will be another massive change like moving across country again (I hope!) but it does feel like a significant marker is upon me in my life.

You never know where following your heart can lead you.

You never know the impact one decision can make.

You never know what kind of life you may be living 6 months, a year or 15 years from now from that one decision.

I thought I was simply signing up for a race; I had no idea it was leading me to a brand new life.

A very special edition of Fierce Body Bootcamp is now open for enrollment.

You + me for 6 months to embrace your decision & make it come to life.

Normally a 3 month program, from now until 6/5 I’ve extended it to 6 months... but kept it the same price 🥰

Because I know how scary it can be to say YES & I’m all for you going for it 🔥