Marathon Training


I’ve fallen madly in love with the process of Marathon training, and I’m not even mad about it.

How it all fits together & most importantly fits into my life as a whole is becoming a key component to not only effectively training, but also ensuring this becomes a long-term lifestyle.

My body is loooooooving the cross-training, extra rest & let’s be honest- eating all the foods.

But most importantly is this: The more I commit daily to the personal things that push me beyond my limits & set my soul on fire 🔥 the more my business {and inspiration} seems to grow.

I get more emails & DM’s asking me to share more about my return-to-running journey than anything else I’ve ever published.

But I am not going to make this a running account. Just like when I bought Oliver I didn’t make this an equestrian account. Or got married. Or or or.

At the core, all of them point to the same Truths that I’ve always believed in:

When you turn your fears into Fierce, anything is possible.

When you honor your body & what she’s begging of you to do, you build the confidence to face those fears.

When you take care of yourself so you can show up for your business/ career/ relationships & more.... your business/ career/ relationships will show up for you.

I’m in a phase of getting comfortable in the discomfort & falling in love with the temporary pain for the longer term glory. For a long ass time I did anything to avoid them- and that most certainly did NOT serve me.

So Endurance, sustainability & the long-game are the 🔥 under me right now. It’s super edgy for me. I have every voice in my head saying I’m not fast enough or strong enough or or or.

But the only voice that matters is the one whispering ‘You’ve got this- it’s possible. Trust me’

And the more I listen to that voice, the more I keep blowing past my wildest dreams.

And let me tell you- some new dreams BEYOND any races have recently come into focus. With each run, each mile, each finish line I remind myself of what’s possible.

And that Fierce Ones, is when the real race begins 🔥

Jennifer BlackstockComment