The Mental Game


Some days it’s easy, some days it’s 100% a mental game to finish.

Today happened to be the latter. And I learned that running through thiiiiiiiiick coastal fog feels- to me- like navigating through a mental fog I can’t see my way out of- even when my body feels great.

Which translated into 2+ hours of fighting & negotiating with myself & never reaching a rhythm to settle into to....

And I feel stronger now & like I was forged through a test for it 🔥

12 miles done even though I REALLY wanted to quit early ✅

Learning the art of slowing down even more for my long runs {and never thinking the day would come where I would say that!} ✅

Navigating HUGE crowds in town, surfers with boards everywhere, cars also moving through fog, insane humidity & more ✅

Yet again proving to myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to get done ✅

Shocking myself that what felt HardAF & slow today would have been a PR only a few short months ago {aka: perspective 🌟} ✅

Doing a long run along the ocean but not being able to see it the entire time {it’s there in this picture if you look really hard!} 🌊✅

Learning to have faith in this process even when it’s hard ✅

Happy Sunday Fierce Ones! I hope you’ve been given exactly what you need today to feel your power & tap into your faith even more 🔥

Jennifer BlackstockComment