Gratitude Every Day


Not a day goes by where I don’t look out at the horizon in utter gratitude for all the places I’ve been & the places I still have to go.

Here’s the thing: the gratitude didn’t start once life started getting good.

It started when I was in the deepest, darkest places {where I hope I never have to go again}.

It’s easy when it all flows & wins pile on & life feels sweet & breezy.

But who we choose to be when life is NOT that is what defines us.

And one woman I’m determined to be is the woman who can be grateful for it ALL.

I’ve written about my struggles over the years of anxiety attacks in finance, injuries, failures & more. What I haven’t written a lot about is what happened last year- when everything in my life began to go SO right.

Y’all- at points, gratitude for the success, increased energy & attention (even the negative haters) was HardAF to feel some days. Why?

Because my default was thriving in the struggle.

My safety zone was always having something to worry about.

My comfort was in having 5 million things to fix.

My rush came from intense situations & muscling through hard conversations.

So what happened when I gave myself new outlets for all the intense energy to pour through? Well.... all those intense situations disappeared from my life.

And without them, I truthfully floundered for a bit. Because all of a sudden everything felt so GOOD.... and I needed to reach a place of knowing deep in my bones that I was worthy of so much goodness.

It’s amazing how easy it is for us to accept that we maybe deserve the bad or the drama, but have such a hard time accepting that we deserve the good & the peace.

And so I doubled down on the gratitude. Which came in handy massively when the thing that threatened my peace- a cancer scare- came barreling through this time last year.

But because I had that gratitude on lock down & my outlets for intensity solidly in place, I was able for the first time in my life to handle a crisis with GRACE.

Every run I thank God I get to do this.

Every ride I cherish the opportunity.

Everywhere I go I thank my body for carrying me.

Every step I walk in the grace provided by saying yes to me. To this. To life.

Jennifer BlackstockComment