Hardwired for Difficult Situations


I’m a big believer that most of us are hardwired for handling difficult situations.

Maybe it’s evolution. Maybe it’s part of the human experience. Maybe it’s just the culture we live in.

But almost every woman I meet has a fierceness in her that when activated- moves mountains.

Where the problem comes in for many of us though, is in not giving ourselves the proper- or in many cases ANY- outlet for this fierceness to come through.

And as we know with any animal who doesn’t get the chance to let their energy out, we become like a caged beast bashing against the {metaphorical} cage to find a way OUT.

Have you ever been around a horse who hasn’t exercised or been outside in a few days? Their eyes bug out & their skin twitches & they feel like they may- or DO- explode in a fit of drama with the energy they need to release.

Guess what? We humans are the same. But our feeling of being contained affects us not just physically but mentally, emotionally, spiritually & more. Have to/ choose to contain yourself for too long? Watch out world- fireworks may be on their way 💥

Or you know- we create situations where we need to let the fireworks rip 😉🐉🔥

Now- most of us aren’t in literal cages.

But- when we FEEL like we are, then ACTUAL situations in our life can feel just as constraining.

And we can feel just as stuck & antsy to get the hell out.

So what happens when we feel constrained to the point of busting out?

Drama. Fights. Sticky situations. Arguments. Pain- physical & mental. And more.

So how do we make sure we don’t create those situations?

Fierce One- you have GOT to find YOUR places to channel your Fierceness OUT.

Otherwise, you know how it’s going to come out. And my guess is you are tired of having to clean up the mess 🤦🏼‍♀️

What can some of these channels be?










MOVING your energy

And more

These channels become not only our outlets but also- at times when things DO inevitably get tough- our Saving Grace.

You know you are Fierce. You know you are Strong. And it’s time you let yourself feel that on purpose instead of always needing to prove it 🔥👑🔥

Jennifer BlackstockComment